Look Into My Crystal Ball!

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How can I plan a psychic bachelorette party?

Look Into My Crystal Ball!

Your best buddy is getting married and you want to do something exciting for her on her last ladies night. Well, how about some soul searching…literally. How about a phsychic or astrology party? Let a professional be your guide to bachelorette party magic. Invite all of the bride-to-be's closest friends and female relatives over and order up a real life psychic or astrologist (check your local yellow pages). If you're really picky, you might want to check out a few of these "mind readers" ahead of time so you don't risk being disappointed. Then, let the fun begin. Hold the main party in large room, like the living room. Set up a smaller room with a door to have the readings in. If you want to go all out, break out the candles, crystals, curtains, and crystal balls to make it look really authentic. Keep in mind, however, that the psychic or astrologist might bring her own items to set up or might feel uncomfortable with yours. Make sure that you talk to your hired guest ahead of time, letting her know who the bride-to-be is (she better know already) and arrange it so that the future bride gets an extra long and exciting reading.



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