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Are bachelorette theme parties a good idea?

Go With The Flow

A bachelorette party is a night of bonding and unity between girls who are seeing a close friend or relative off into the world of commitment. Want to let the world know about your bond (and get a lot of great attention in the mean time)? Consider a bachelorette theme party. If you're going the theme route, don't just pick any theme or everyone on the guest list might not be able to pull something out of their closet that will do. And, a difficult theme might discourage some girls from dressing up or coming at all. Some easy themes to pull off are: black dresses, boas and tiaras, cowboy hats and jean skirts, or, if you really want to be simple, have everyone wear the same color. A theme party is sure to get you all noticed and you'll have heads turning your way all night long. Be sure, however, that you let the bride-to-be wear a little something extra that will help her stand out from the flock (a crown, a flashing button, or a sash).



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