Stick it to the Man

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Stick it to the Man

Have you ever had a hex put on you? Maybe done a dance with a witch doctor? Okay, unless you're some Voo Doo queen in the French Quarter of New Orleans you probably haven't but that doesn't make Voo Doo any less fun! A great bachelorette gag gift is a "New Husband Voo Doo Doll" to help keep that man in check. Aside from stabbing the guy every time he displeases her, this doll actually lists specific things that the bride can make her hubby do my simply applying pins to designated areas. Some of the fun commands include: take me to a chick flick, remember our anniversary, stop acting like an ass, and take me to a chick flick. And, even if your friend is too nice to ever do such things, it can't hurt to leave that little puppy laying around as a warning.



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