Toss Out the Girls Night

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What is a clever bachelorette party idea?

Toss Out the Girls Night

Want to throw a unique bachelorette party? Unique bachelorette party ideas are sometimes hard to come up with so why not nix the all-girls fiesta? A clever alternative to a bachelorette party is called a "Jack and Jill Party." Jack and Jill parties are coed gatherings and the guestlist should consist of the friends and relatives of both the bride and groom.

Jack and Jill parties tend to get quite large so it's a good idea to hold them at a restaurant or event hall and you may want to charge a small fee per head (they can get pricey). So, you can toss out the drinking games for this one since children, future inlaws, and grandparents are likey to be in attendance. Instead, try playing fun group games. Make up various questionaires consisiting of questions about the couple's courtship, relationship, and engagement. You can make the games even more fun by offering inexpensive prizes to the winners. This might also be a good opportunity for everyone to mingle before the big day...imagine how much more fun the reception will be if a lot of the attendees have already been acquainted!



8/6/2006 12:20:43 PM
Krista said:

what a great idea- we are plannig this type of party for my step sister and her future husband. we are thinking of making it a them party in a backyard--either a casino night or a hawian party. but i love the idea with the games about the couple.


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