20 Questions

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What do we put in a quiz?

20 Questions

When looking for bachelorette games to play during your night out, consider having a quiz on the bride's knowledge of the groom. Ask the groom a few basic questions about himself (try not to make them too obscure – as one bachelorette noted, deliberately asking hard questions made it impossible for her to guess any answers).

Make this a quick game to get the evening's fun going. The number of questions the bride gets right does not matter as much as how much fun she has in giving the answers. Finish off the quiz with five hard and fast questions, and ask guests to bet on how many the bride gets right. The questions should be on some of the groom's basic statistics:

  1. What is the groom's full name?
  2. What does the groom want to name his children?
  3. What is the groom's favorite meal?
  4. Where is the wildest place the couple has ever had sex?
  5. What happened with their first kiss?



6/23/2007 9:15:44 AM
Shannon said:

Why is it always assumed that they're already having sex?? Some people are still able to wait until they are married, and damn is it worth it. And why does this question come before their first kiss? I liked your site until I got to here, sorry.


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