A Sentimental Journey

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What sort of sentimental gifts can we give the bride-to-be?

A Sentimental Journey

A bachelorette party gift shouldn't be anything too large or fancy (the bride won't be expecting big gifts until the wedding), but it can be priceless. One good idea is to get each guest to bring a photograph that they have of the bride, or of a memorable event for her, and get them to arrange the photos in a frame or album. This will not only provide the bride with a way to look over her memories of single life, but be a token of her big night out. Have each guest explain the story behind the photo, allowing everyone to join in the remembering.

Getting married is an emotional time for a woman, and traditionally a point where she leaves her early life behind to become the head of a family. A sentimental bachelorette party gift can be used to reaffirm the bride-to-be's link to her past and help her to move into the next stage of her life. Look for small items you can include in your bachelorette party gift package, such as decorative picture frames, wedding ring pictures and other bridal items.



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