For Her Wedding Night

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Can we give the bachelorette gifts for her honeymoon?

For Her Wedding Night

Giving the bride-to-be gifts for her honeymoon is a great way to make her bachelorette shower gift a practical one. This avenue can also be used for some fun, if gag lingerie is thrown into the mix. Either invite guests to provide the bride with a small item for her trosseau, ask for hideous lingerie as a gag, or mix the two ideas.

By inviting guests to add a small item to the bride's lingerie collection, you can keep to the tradition of small gifts for the bachelorette shower but still provide a valuable present.

When looking for gag lingerie, you don't have to go to the expense of buying naughty lingerie from a clothes shop. Explore local second-hand stores for some truly horrible items. Challenge your guests to make the bride believe that you seriously expect her to wear the items on her honeymoon – or challenge her to convince her bridegroom!

Make a night of the lingerie party by giving your bachelorette a home-made makeover, giving each guest a separate task. Give her a relaxing foot massage and pedicure, manicure, face mask and makeup experiments. This is a great idea if you are holding the bachelorette shower close to the wedding date – you will save her a visit to the beauty parlor for basic treatments.



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