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I'm being swamped- is it okay to ask for help planning the bachelorette party?

Ask For Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself swamped when planning a bachelorette party. The hierarchy of a wedding is there for a purpose – brides and grooms choose close friends to support them in this time of stress, and family members are drawn closer to help with that support structure. If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, remember that the other members of the wedding party can be called upon to handle some of the tasks involved in planning a bachelorette party, as well as the bride's mother, sisters or close friends.

Divide the tasks into easy-to-handle sections and hand off whole sections to helpers. Asking others for help in this way not only helps you, but makes other members of the party feel like they are contributing something special to the bride's big day.



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