Plan an Event to Remember

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What are some unique bachelorette party ideas?

Plan an Event to Remember

Are all of the tips on planning a bachelorette party that you've been hearing sounding the same? That's probably because most bachelorette parties are the same. A bunch of girls get together to embarrass their girlfriend before her big day. There is usually heavy drinking, a limo, and, of course, male strippers. It may be a hoot and a holler that evening but what will the bride think about it when she looks back? Will she even remember?

The whole point of a bachelorette party is to bond with the bride-to-be before you kiss her goodbye, why not make the event memorable? Try something exciting instead. Plan an activity that the bride has never experienced and surprise her. Think sky diving, cliff diving, or parasailing. Not her bag? For a milder adventure plan a wonderful luncheon followed by a beautiful hot air balloon ride. Make it an occasion she'll never forget.



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