Girls Night In

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Is a slumber party a good bachelorette party idea?

Girls Night In

Bachelorette party time? Instead of a girls night out, why not plan a girls night in, slumber party style?! Oh, I know you remember the nights you spent in your young adolescent years, giggling until dawn and just enjoying being a girl. What a great way for the future bride to spend her last single night with her closest friends! Before the night begins, set one important rule: Everyone must wear their PJs and bring sleeping bags. When the guests arrive order pizza, eat junk food, and throw some goodies into the VCR (think Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty and Pink). Then, sit back and feel lucky that you've all survived high school. If you want to put a little more of an adult spin on this event, blend up some margaritas and play truth or dare (I'm sure the game will be a lot more interesting than when you played it in the 9th grade). You don't need a guide to bachelorette party planning or an expensive event coordinatot to pull of a great party, you just need all the girls and a place to crash!



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