Dress to Impress…or Not

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How should I dress the future bride for her bachelorette party?

Dress to Impress…or Not

Don't you dare let the future bride go out in public without making a scene! This is HER night so try to get all eyes on the bride by making her a costume. Make her a veil covered in condoms and attach it to a flashing tiara. T-shirts printed with cheesy slogans or embarrassing pictures are always a hit (if you go this route, bring some permanent markers and let hunky guys decorate the shirt). A sash that reads "bachelorette" is another popular idea. Whatever you choose to dress the bride in, make sure she gets noticed and feels special. If you head out to a dance club make sure that you clue the DJ in so he can make a special announcement or even set her up with a spotlight dance.



10/14/2006 11:39:03 AM
kerrie said:

great idea! i have the perfect idea for a shirt that will get the bachelorette noticed! How about the slogan "VIRGIN" wait until you see the reaction from guys and girls alike! So fun... definately get the bachelorette noticed!


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