Where's the Fire?

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Is there a version of "pin the tail on the donkey" for bachelorette parties?

Where's the Fire?

Having some difficulties choosing bachelorette party entertainment? Let your next bachelorette party take you back to your childhood…well, sort-of. Remember "pin the tail on the donkey"? Well, baby it's grown up too. The adult version is called "pin the hose on the fireman" and is every bit as good as it sounds. The same rules apply as the original game except that instead of trying to pin the tail on a donkey's rear, you're trying to pin a hose on a fireman's...you get the idea. C'mon, every good fireman needs all of his equipment! Each lady gets to pick her own hose and there's a hose to fit any personality type. This game is sure to give you all the giggles and might get the room so hot and bothered that you'll have to call the real fire department.



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