Drinking Games

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What's a good bachelorette party drinking game?

Drinking Games

If you're one of those people who is no stranger to drinking games, you've definitely heard of "quarters." It's a lovely little game that involves bouncing (you guessed it) quarters off of the table and into a glass of liquor. Well, watch out ladies, there's a new breed of this game created just for bachelorette parties. The game, "Super Quarters," comes with several perforated discs (each with a dare printed on it) and a muffin tray. Each disc is inserted in a section of the muffin tray. One at a time, each lady bounces a quarter off of the table and into one of the sections of the muffin tray and must perform the dare that she hits. This game can get ridiculous, and will, as you can change out the dares as it progresses. Choosing bachelorette party entertainment has never been so simple!



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