Caution…Bachelorette Party

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What are some fun party favors for bachelorette parties?

Caution…Bachelorette Party

Make sure you pick some party favors that are in your favor. While you might be amused by making the bride wear shackles and tote around a humungous inflatable penis make sure she has a little fun too! If you're arranging the outing, invest in some party favors that will keep you all entertained. You don't need to invest in a guide to bachelorette favors to pick some good ones, just think about what will keep the bride-to-be and her posse entertained (and contained). First and foremost, this is an exclusive party and you don't want anyone intruding, especially if you're out celebrating. You've seen that obnoxious black and yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" caution tape, haven't you? Isn't it about time that you roped off your own potential crime scene? Order a roll of "Caution - Wild Girls" tape and section off your table or booth at the restaurant or club. Or, if you're really feeling wild, section off your own area of the dance floor. And, no matter what, don't let any outsiders in...except maybe the waitress whose bringing more drinks!



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