You, Baby, are a Seven

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You, Baby, are a Seven

Have you really got all the bachelorette party supplies that you need? I think not. In a world full of male gawkers and cheesy pick-up lines isn't it about time that we subjected our male counterparts to a taste of their own medicine? Don't you dare think you're finished shopping for the big event until you've placed an order for some male rating score cards. Now, we've all seen at least a smidgen of a figure skating competition so we know how these things work. Someone performs and then is judged accordingly on a basic numerical scale. Now imagine using this same system to rate men based solely on their looks. You can't even deny that this idea has possibilities! Remember, however, before you hold up that "1" card that men have feelings too and these cards aren't meant to be hurtful. You should set a firm rule that the cards are only to be used in good fun an that no one should unjustly be dealt a card under a five. There are, however, extenuating circumstances that could earn a man such cards (stupid pick-up lines, rude comments, cockiness, etc.). Use all cards with caution.



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