Bachelorette Pageant

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How can I make a more unique bachelorette sash?

Bachelorette Pageant

Picking bachelorette part accessories is a must but they're getting so predictable these days. Bachelorette sashes are commonplace these days. You'll see giggling women dripping with them in more than half of the bachelorette parties out there. Why not reinvent the bachelorette party sash? Try making personalized bachelorette sashes that capture the personalities of each guest. You can create your own sashes using wide ribbon and safety pins. As each lady arrives, give her a blank sash to wear. When everyone is in attendance and has had a few predrinks have them all sit in a circle. Then, have each girl stand up one at a time while the other guests spout off name ideas (Miss Prude, Miss Sexual Dynamo, Miss Smart Pants, Miss Gold Digger, etc.). Make sure that the bride-to-be gets a "Miss Bride" sash and a jeweled tiara. Finally, take your pageant to the clubs!



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