Make a Memory

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How can I make good bachelorette goodie bags?

Make a Memory

Bachelorette parties are meant to be a blast and you'll definitely want all of the girls to remember it fondly. As a reminder, send each lady home a little something. As party favors go, unless you know each of the girls quite well (which is highly unlikely) it will be hard to give everyone something personal. While you won't be able to find just one item that that will please all of your attendees, perhaps if you provide a fun mix you'll have a better shot.

Make up goodie bags for all of the guests. Start by filling cellophane bags with colored tissue paper or streamers and adding naughty confetti (in little penis shapes, of course). Next, toss in some penis candy or perhaps a penis sucker. Penis-shaped sippie cups are always a big hit, as are diamond ring-shaped shotglasses. Tie each bag up with a ribbon and start passing them out.

*If you really want to send them home with a vivid memory, take a bunch of polaroids of the group to date and pass out.



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