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How can I create a naughty bachelorette party theme without elaborate baking?

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Looking for suggestions on bachelorette party refreshments that are naughty but easy to pull off? Just because you missed out on Erotic Cake Decorating 101 (or don't have the time for it) doesn't mean that you can't get the same message across with different types of foods. If baking doesn't fit into your schedule but you still want to put those penis-shaped baking pans to good use, use them to serve snack items like chips and pretzels.

You can even order serving bowls with sexual pictures printed inside so that whoever scores that last hunk of hummus will get an even bigger treat. Now, you obviously won't have enough sexually suggestive serving dishes for the entire spread so cover your nonsuggestive platters with suggestive foods. Yes, ladies, break out the mini wienies and chocolate-covered bananas and plop them down next to the bratwurst and the meatballs.



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