Teach Her to Shake it!

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How can I pick a gift for the future bride?

Teach Her to Shake it!

Picking presents for a bachelorette party isn't always the simplest of tasks, especially if you're the hostess. Your gift has to be the best, right? You can bank on the fact that the naughty lingerie and the gag items (like a ball and chain) will be covered...it is a bachelorette party afterall. Stumped? Why not give a gift that the bride can keep forever and you can incorporate into the party? Arrange for the group to take dancing lessons on the evening of the party. Sign up for ballroom dance lessons so the bride can shine on her day. Maybe sign up for some exotic dance lessons that the bride can showcase on her wedding night. Even sign up for a hip new dance class where you can all learn great new moves that will earn you bragging rights out at the clubs after the lessons. You can find listings for dance classes online or in the yellow pages. Be sure to ask for a special group rate when you call. It might even be a better idea to pay someone to come to your living room to give the lessons, just make sure you have enough space.



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