Ahh, Sweet Memories

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How can I plan a memorable bachelorette party?

Ahh, Sweet Memories

Are your bridal party ideas for the bride's last single night pretty lame? Are you reaching for unique bachelorette party ideas? When inspiration fails to strike don't worry. Just remember that the bride wants to spend some quality time with the girls that have seen her to where she is.

Chances are that the bachelorette guestlist will consist of women from all different parts of the bride's life, why not embrace that? Request that each attendee bring things that will dredge up memories from the past. We're talking junior high photos, high school yearbooks (yikes), soccer action shots, college clippings and syllabuses, company Christmas party snapshots, etcetera. Spend the evening reminiscing and racing down memory lane (as painful as some of it may be).

*To really bring the idea to life, listen to music and/or watch movies that you grew up with. The bride-to-be is graduating to an entirely new stage of her life so make sure she never forgets about all of the things and people that got her there.



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