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How do I plan a country bachelorette party?

Yee Haw!

Good country people, you've heard of them. If the bride-to-be happens to be one of them, throw her a unique bachelorette party that will make her feel at home. Think barbecue, think hayrides, think square dancing! If a good old country soirée is something the bride would fancy who are you to deny her? You will, of course, want to hold the even outside.

If you don't have the space to accomodate an outdoor event, talk to everyone on the guest list and find someone who does. Any table and chair combination will do (we've already established that this isn't meant to be a formal event). Make sure however, that you provide ample seating. Cover all of the table surfaces with inexpensive table cloths. Red and white checkered coverings will make the best showing but, as an alternative, use several mismatched cloths. As certerpieces use jars of glasses filled with wildflowers and sprinkle each table with cororful confetti.

The menu is simple, serve anything that you can throw on the grill. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs are fine selections( just be sure to have a vegetarian option available). Serve sides of potato salad, coleslaw, and corn on the cob and place a basket of sliced bread on each table. When chow time is over, set up the entertainment. Look online or in the yellow pages and search for square dancing options. Many places will send someone out to your event to run the dance for you. If this type of thing isn't available, get your own music and improvise. Making up your own dances can be a hoot and the bride is sure to be grinning from ear to ear throught the entire event.



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