Down with Hectic

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How do I plan a lazy, relaxing bachelorette party?

Down with Hectic

Why is it that most bridal party ideas for the bachelorette party end up leading you to skeezy strip clubs where you stuff singles into some slub's G-string as you sip bellinis from a penis straw? While this idea may appeal to the masses why not take a step back from hectic? Planning a wedding is hectic enough and you better believe that the bride-to-be has been on the go for months orchestrating the event. What's the best thing you can do for her? Help her relax! Instead of taking her bachelorette party to the clubs, take it to the beach. How's that for unique bachelorette party ideas?

Put on some big sun hats, pack a cooler and a picnic lunch, buy batteries for that portable stereo, and then plop your bachelorette party down in the sand. Taking an entire day to relax and do absolutely nothing but bond with her favorite gals is probably EXACTLY the kind-of thing the bride wants. Keep in mind, however, that the sun has lasting effects. Make sure that the bride is lathered with sunscreen and, for goodness sake, make sure that her bathing suit straps are consistent with the straps on her dress. If disaster does strike, however, make sure you get that girl to a tanning bed to even up those tan lines, she's got a wedding to go to!



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