Scrap That Idea

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How do I throw a scrapbook bachelorette party?

Scrap That Idea

You're ready to scratch all those raunchy girls night out ideas and plan something special, good for you. But what now? Plan a simple get together at your home. Set up appetizers, break out the girly drinks, and get ready for the memories. Instruct every invitee to bring as many pictures or peices of memorobelia having to do with the bride that they can. Make sure that you specify that these must be things that they are willing to part with (remind them that photos can be reprinted quite cheaply).

Buy a large scrapbook and plenty of scrapping materials (you might ask the guests to bring some of these items as well). On the day of the party, dump all of the photos and items on a large surface and sort them in groups according to chronological order. Then, make a scrapbook using all of these memories. Have the girl that donated each photo or item write a personal message or anecdote next to it "I remember this day when you made me go that cheesy club so we could meet those guys " or "this is the ticket stub to that awesome Aerosmith concert that we snuck out to go to in the 10th grade."

*A good tip is to have ample tissues lying around because you're all going to need them!



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