Bachelorette Party Ideas

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What to do on the night out?

Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you are wondering what to do at a bachelorette party there are a variety of options available for your big night out. Just like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties can run the gamut from outrageous to mellow. It all depends on the personal preferences of the bride to be and the creativity of those planning the night out. Listed below are a few options in categories such as outrageous, popular and mellow.

Outrageous Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Passion Party – a representative from an adult store comes to demonstrate and sell various sex toys, lotions, lingerie and other items
• Learning to Strip – some gyms now offer aerobics classes focusing on stripping and arranging for a private class can be an excellent idea for a bachelorette party
• Scavenger Hunt – set up a list of tasks for the bride to be to complete throughout the night such as kissing a man with a mustache or ordering a drink with an embarrassing name

Popular Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Bar Hopping – renting a limousine or bus and visiting several different bars or nightclubs during the night
• Dinner – many bachelorette parties include dinner at one of the best restaurants in town
• Male Stripper – just like at bachelor parties, strippers are one of the most popular forms of entertainment at a bachelorette party

Mellow Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Spa Day – a get together at a spa for massages, facials, manicures and pedicures is a popular bachelorette party idea for a laid back bride
• Cultural Event – a mellow bride who doesn't enjoy loud parties may enjoy a play or a concert in place of a traditional bachelorette party
• Weekend Getaway – whether you go to Las Vegas or the mountains a weekend getaway is an excellent bonding experience for the bride to be and her close friends



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