Create That Team Spirit!

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What's an easy way to create a uniform for our bachelorette party?

Create That Team Spirit!

Identifying yourselves as part of a bachelorette party is part of the fun in celebrating a friend's last night of freedom, but it can be yet another annoying cost to take into account. There are plenty of ways to keep this cost down – the easiest being a simple tag like a bachelorette party sash. Slogans to use on the sash can be straightforward, such as "bachelorette party" or more team-building, like 'Team Bachelorette 2006!" Use a party catch phrase for some fun, eg. "Go Hard or Go Home!" or personalize the sashes with "Team Katy 2006" or "Katy's Getting Married!" (this can be matched with a simple sash for the bachelorette with just her name as an identifier).



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