Make Her Feel Like A Princess

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What are the options for bachelorette tiaras?

Make Her Feel Like A Princess

There are many ways to distinguish the bride-to-be in your bachelorette group that can be a bit tacky. After all, not every girl is thrilled by the idea of being festooned with oily inflated condoms and penis toys. If your bachelorette cringes at such frat party-like stunts, consider giving her a tiara to mark her out as the bride in your group. Party tiaras are currently in fashion and available in a variety of places. If you're stuck, have a look in the toys section of any super-store and you are sure to find a toy tiara amongst the little girl princess section. Tiaras are usually made with hair combs attached, so there's no need to worry about sizes.

If you're looking for something a little less 'toy' like, explore your local jewelry stores. You might find that you can give your bachelorette a bachelorette tiara that not only makes her feel like a princess for her night of fun, but is a sweet addition to her jewelry collection.



8/2/2009 3:04:07 AM
Bridesmaid to be!!! said:

ALSO!!! I have found that many fabric stores carry cheap (okay like 20 bucks) tiaras meant for proms and stuff that are really pretty! So you won't have to get a cheap plastic one or cough up big bucks for one from a jewelry store cuz cmon. When will you really need to wear a tiara again?!


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