What To Wear

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What do we wear at a bachelorette party?

What To Wear

One of the ways to make a bachelorette party fun, and to make it stand out from any other night out, is to organize a bachelorette uniform or some bachelorette apparel for the group. Having a bachelorette uniform for your party not only creates group unity but helps to prevent people from getting lost as the night goes on.

When planning the party, keep a look-out for cost-effective options for your bachelorette party uniform. Bachelorette party suppliers can provide you with bachelorette t-shirts, shirts, veils or sashes. Party devil horns, tiaras, halos, crows or hats are available from most shops that have a party section.

If cost is a concern, consider a simple theme for the party like a color. On the invitation, ask each guest to come dressed only in red, or your bachelorette's favorite color. Not only does this keep the cost of the party down, as the uniform comes from the guest's own wardrobe, but as it is a simple theme even shy guests won't mind dressing up.



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