Dressing Up

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Should we all dress the same?

Dressing Up

Not everyone is a fan of dressing in theme for a party, and if you do decide on this option make sure you put it on the invite. Some people are too shy to appear in public in costume, and others have no idea how to find one. However, setting a theme or a required uniform for bachelorette parties is a good way of gathering everyone into a team from the beginning, and of making sure no-one gets lost as the night goes on.

Choose a theme that is easy to follow and provides some soft options for the shy members of the party. One example is angels or devils. Shy guests can go with a simple pair of horns or even a t-shirt with 'angel' written on it, while the wilder members of the party can choose to come wings, pitchfork and all!

Ideas for your theme or uniform:

- choose your bachelorette's favorite color, and require guests to dress only in that color

- a traffic light theme – those who are taken dress in red, those who are available dress in green, and those who are unsure dress in yellow!

- dress as the bachelorette's favorite sports team

- devils or angels

Whatever the theme, it is always a good idea to have some accessories that fit the theme available for any guest who may need it. This is a way to ensure that no guest has an opportunity of backing out of the fun!



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