Veil Etiquette

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What are the rules about who gets to wear a veil at a bachelorette party?

Veil Etiquette

When dressing up as a group for a bachelorette party, it is essential to distinguish the bride. After all, it is her last night of freedom before her special day. This doesn't mean, however, that the rest of the party can't wear a veil or tiara to join in the wedding fun.

Bachelorette party supply stores generally have a range of veils, t-shirts and tiaras available for the bridesmaids, maids-of-honor and other guests at the bachelorette's night out. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the bride-to-be has to stand out – whether it means choosing a different color for the guests' veils, or making sure the bride's is the biggest and most glitzy. It's important, when choosing different colors, to make sure the bride's color is the most appealing one: giving her a black veil when the rest of the party gets hot pink will end up with a very unhappy bride.

Some options include red for the bride and short white for the guests, red (bride) and black, hot pink and white, pink and blue or white and black. You can also try a long white veil with a tiara for the bride, and only tiaras for the guests, or supply guests with white stockings or garters.

Giving bridal wear to guests is a great way for everyone to participate, and it is understandable that everyone wants to join in the fun. But, as with all things to do with the wedding, the unspoken rule is to remember… she has to be the prettiest.



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