Make Your Own Veil

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How do you make a veil?

Make Your Own Veil

Making your own bachelorette veils is a fiddly task, but easy to do. Go to your local craft shop for supplies.

For each veil, you will need:

*a 60cm length of a stiff material such as tulle or organza. The material needs to be stiff as well as see-through, and most fabrics come in rolls around one meter or 1.2m wide. (If you want a two-layer veil, buy twice as much.)

*craft glue

*a needle, and thread in the same color as the material

*hair combs or a hair band

Gather the material along the longest edge by folding it in a zig-zag pattern, folding it back and forth every 2cm or so. When you have done this for the whole width, divide the gathers in half and flatten each side, then sew along the gathers to hold them (you can do this with a sewing machine if you have one, but it is not at all necessary. An ordinary needle should get through the gathered material quite easily). Make sure you sew about 3cm from the edge of the end, leaving yourself some material to fold over the hair combs or band that will hold the veil in the hair.

When you have done this, the material should already look like a veil – the gathers parted in half and nicely flat, ready to be fixed onto the hair combs or band.

Glue the material along the hair combs/band where your sewing line is, leaving some material to fold around and under. Then glue the edge onto the underside of the combs/band, creating a neat veil. Fix the material even more firmly by sewing the glued edge into the underside of the veil.

To make a tiara with a veil, repeat the first few steps but instead of gluing the veil over combs, glue it to the back side of the tiara (be careful that the edge can't be seen from the front).

Bonus tip: if you ever have trouble getting a sewing needle through material, rub it (flat first) in your hair. The natural oils in your hair will lubricate it without staining the material.



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