Gamble In Style

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Is Las Vegas too glitzy for a good party?

Gamble In Style

Who says Las Vegas has to be all glitz and no glamour? Las Vegas bachelorette parties don't have to be spent at the slots or wandering packed, light-flashing streets.

When planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party, go with style all the way and instruct your guests to bring their best evening dresses for the night out. Gather guests in a central hotel room for a truly girly dressing session before heading out to the baccarat and roulette tables to place a few small bets. Don't feel you have to gamble constantly - let other players be your entertainment and join in their thrill when the stakes get high.

To cut costs, have everyone share a room at a quality hotel and have your own luxury sleepover. Get the girls to bring their most luxurious sleepwear and give each other top-shelf makeovers to finish of your evening of luxury.



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