Recipes for That Penis Cake Tin

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What are good cakes to cook for the bachelorette penis cake?

Recipes for That Penis Cake Tin

When cooking any cake, you can go two ways; attempt to maintain your grip on healthiness, or go absolutely crazy and indulge. Here are recipes for either option:

1. Banana Cake (not evil)

Take several bananas (up to 6 large ones), one cup of margarine, one cup honey, one egg and two cups of wholemeal self-raising flour. If the bananas aren't ripe, mash them and leave them uncovered for an hour before beginning.

Mix the egg into the bananas, pour in the honey, flour and margarine. Cook at 160C until batter no longer clings to a skewer when inserted into the middle. Be careful not cook the cake too long to prevent it from drying out. Ice either by mixing some low-fat cream cheese with a little icing sugar, Maple syrup icing or none at all.

2. Coffee-chocolate cake (completely evil)

Mix up an ordinary vanilla cake, adding ¼ cup very strong coffee. Dot the mixture with choc buds and cook as per instructions. When the cake is cooked and is cooling, melt 200g and mix in ½ cup of cream gradually, stopping when the mix begins to stiffen. Divide the mix in half, adding a few teaspoons of rum or other spirit to one half. Cut the cooled cake lengthways and spread the spirit-spiked chocolate ganache over it to form a sandwich. Use the other half of the ganache to ice.



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