Ideas for Bachelorette Cakes

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What options beside a penis cake can we have at the bachelorette party?

Ideas for Bachelorette Cakes

Want to have a bachelorette cake at the party, but don't want to feast on a giant penis cake? A shaped cake is easier to make than you think. Keep your eye out for ideas for a cake that truly suits your bachelorette – whether it be sport themed, pretty and girly or even naughty.

Here are some ideas and instructions:

*Dolly cake- make up your usual cake mix but cook in a domed pudding tin. Get a Barbie-sized doll (possibly not a real Barbie) and rip her legs off, sticking the bottom half of her torso into the top of the cake. Pipe icing mix over the cake, decorating it to look like the skirt of her dress, and decorate the doll's torso to match.

*Boob cake- cook two round cakes, sit them side by side (touching) and ice with a light pink icing mixture. Make up a small amount of darker pink icing and pipe on to create nipples. Take a clean, lacy, non-underwire bra and drape carefully over the cakes to create the effect of boobs in a brazierre (you may need DD cups depending on the size of the cakes).

*Butterfly cakes- cook a batch of cupcakes. Once the cakes are cool, cut a circle out of the top of each one, leaving a small crevice in the cake. Whip up some cream and pipe into the cakes, then cut each of the cut-out circles in half and place on the cream, tips turned up to resemble a butterfly. Sprinkle icing sugar over the cakes and arrange to serve.



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