Stepping In When She's Out of Control

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Can I interfere when the bride gets too silly?

Stepping In When She's Out of Control

As the head bridesmaid or maid of honor, and organizer of the bachelorette party, you are responsible for the bride's comfort and safety on her big night out. This becomes especially important when the bride's alcohol levels lead her to get a little out of control.

Although the bachelorette party is designed to give the bride a last night of fun before the wedding (with the bonus side effect of letting her blow off some steam after all that pre-wedding stress), many a bride has been in tears the next morning because of drunken behavior. At the same time, you might be shy of ruining her fun.

The best avenue is to have a conversation with the bride before the big night out, and get her to set limits on her behavior. Ask her to spell it out clearly – is putting bills in the stripper's g-string fine, but asking for his phone number too far? Is slow dancing with a stranger all in fun, but sneaking out the back with him completely out?

Having this conversation can save a lot of difficulties as the night moves on.



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