When To Invite

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When do I send the invites for the bachelorette party?

When To Invite

It is best to send invitations for a bachelorette party at least one month before the date. If you send the invitations up to two months before, be sure to include an RSVP date closer to the party date, to ensure that guests schedule it into their calendar instead of setting the invitation aside and forgetting about it.

When setting the date, take into consideration the things that the bride needs to get done for the wedding. Bachelorette parties can take place months before the wedding, but as an organizer you can plan carefully and give the bride a night out just when she needs a break from all the stress of wedding planning. An ideal time is around two weeks before the wedding, but be sure to check the bride's schedule before setting such a date, and take into account how far people will need to travel for both events.

Ensure that the day after the party is kept clear for the bride to recover, and there will be no excuses for her to back away from having a whale of a time.



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