Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

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What can we ask people to find in a scavenger hunt?

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Having a bachelorette scavenger hunt may be a great idea, but who can think up the list of items? We can. Here are some ideas for things to include on your list, each worth one point unless otherwise specified
*a kiss from a blonde man (photo from a mobile phone is acceptable) *the bartender's name *a band who will play the bride's favorite song (20 points) *a man who has exactly the same full name as the groom (photo ID required – 5 points)

*a naughty drink – points for each word in the drink's name that describes another element of a lewd act (guests should aim for things like A Slow, Comfortable Screw Up Against A Wall)

*a serenade for the bride

*a man willing to fight of the groom for the bride's hand

*a condom from a strange man's wallet

*10 phone numbers or business cards – worth one point each

*a strange man's underwear – five extra points for each further pair

*a priest (10 points)

*a nun (5 points)

*a band (5 points for each member)

*a man who has the same first or last name as the groom (photo ID required)



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