Bachelorette Gifts

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Should we give the bachelorette gifts at her party?

Bachelorette Gifts

Tradition dictates that larger gifts are kept for the wedding day when a woman gets married, but this does not mean that you are not allowed to give her a smaller, personal gift at her bachelorette party.

When choosing a small bachelorette gift, the main element is not to become too extravagant. Small gifts that reflect your personal link to the bride are good – go through your photo collection to see if there are any memories you can gift her with, or even consider sharing a story of your times together with the rest of the party by writing it in a card.

Other small gifts can be small treats, such as bath oils or incense. Buy her a single, sinful chocolate of good quality, or research her favorite treats. Buying a bottle of wine or champagne to share at the party is also a suitably small present that will give something meaningful to the bachelorette.



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