The Point System

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What's the point system?

The Point System

Point systems are men's time-old way of keeping track of bachelorette party deeds. Write up a list of deeds that warrant points and hand out copies before the party begins. As the night continues, guests will need to keep track of their own and others' points – sabotage should be encouraged as part of the fun! At the end of the night, hand out an award to the guest who accumulated the most points (finally, a perfect use for that penis tiara!), possibly coupled with a couple of alka seltzers for the morning after.

Here are some items to include on your list:

*giving your best friend's phone number to a hot guy (two points)

*giving your mother's phone number to a hot guy (five points)

*giving your grandmother's phone number to a hot guy and standing there while he rings it (twenty points)

*taking your bra off while in the bar (five points)

*having someone else take your bra off in the bar (fifteen points)

*getting a guy's phone number (two points each)

*getting the bartender's phone number (five points)

*having someone buy you a drink (two points)

*having someone talk dirty to you (two points)

*invent a new drink with a sexual name, and convince the bartender to make it for you (five points)



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