Getting Started

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I've got a big idea, but how do I make it work?

Getting Started

Are you full of ideas for a bachelorette party, but not so hot on the details? The party is all in the planning. Get the night started by bonding the group together. This can be done in a number of very simple ways, usually involving handing out some sort of emblem for the party.

Try printing out individual name badges for each guest to help them get to know each other. Keep the badges simple but cute (the worst thing in the world is being forced to wear a hideous-looking name badge).

Get each guest to take a bachelorette pledge, and drop hints of the night yet to come in the promises they make, or have the guests sign a bachelorette pledge certificate as a souvenir of the night (see the Bachelorette Pledge Certificate tip for more on this idea).

By having some form of unifying activity at the start of the night, you get everyone talking with each other right off the bat, and avoid the group splitting into its different sections if people don't know each other.



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