Bachelorette Party Favor Resources

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Where do we find bachelorette party favors?

Bachelorette Party Favor Resources

While there are some stores that specialize in bachelorette party supplies, you might not be lucky enough to have one nearby when planning your bachelorette party. Don't worry, there are plenty of alternatives, especially if you are prepared to get a little creative.

Your first stop should be your local resources. Check out non-specific party supplies stores to see if there is anything you can use – keep an eye out for toy tiaras, fairy wings, glitter, bubble blowers, and general party decorations like balloons. Ask the owners of the store whether they can recommend anything for a bachelorette party.

Next, forage in local toy stores and costume shops. Toy stores usually have a large range of dress-up toys that you might be able to use – pay special attention to the girls fairy and tea party sections. Look in costume shops for small items that could be used as gag gifts, such as toy ball-and-chain sets or cupid's arrows.

After this, browse through your internet directory for online bachelorette party supply stores. This does need to be done at least one month before the party date, as you need to allow time for shipping. This is a good way to get the bachelorette-specific items you need – things like that inflatable penis that will make your friend's face turn purple on sight.



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