Make Your Own Invitations

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How do I make my own paper invitations?

Make Your Own Invitations

Making your own bachelorette party invitations is easier than it sounds. All you need is plenty of room, a big tub, and the willingness to put up with a bit of mess. Take a range of papers waiting to be recycled, and rip them up into small-ish pieces, around one inch square in shape. Place them in a large tub of hot water and let them soften, stirring gently. When the paper has absorbed some of the water, take a potato masher and mash the paper thoroughly (if you have a blender, use it). When the paper is thoroughly pulped, add any dyes, glitters or perfumes you would like to add. Choose bright colored dyes for paper you will only use as a background in the invitation (remember that dark red is difficult to read off). Take two old towels, and spoon a thin layer of paper on one of them in the rough shape and size you wan the invitation to be. If you want rough edges, be careful to spoon the paper in the size you want. If you plan on cutting the edges, make the paper about 2cm wider on each edge than you need. Make sure the paper has an even thickness. Place the second towel on top, pat down, then use a rolling pin to squeeze most of the water from the paper. Wait for the paper to dry. In the meantime, take some semi-transparent paper and use a computer to print up the wording of your invitation. When the home-made paper is dry, glue the transparent invite on one side with just a small dab of glue at each end.



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