Creative Invites

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What are some low-cost ideas for creative invitations?

Creative Invites

Bachelorette party invites don't have to be professionally printed or bought from a store to be attractive. The main element to worry about is style – it is far better to print off your own invitations at home than to buy an expensive pad of invites that don't match your style. An easy, low-cost and creative bachelorette party invite idea is to buy some good quality white card, a few bachelorette or bridal trinkets (such as miniature horseshoes, bachelorette confetti or bachelorette party streamers) and a semi-transparent or watermarked piece of paper. Create a semi-3D bachelorette invitation by cutting the card into postcard-sized pieces and gluing the trinkets to the card (you can even include a small snippet of the material or lace of your planned wedding dress for a personal touch). Print the details of the party on the semi-transparent or watermarked paper in a smaller square, then cut and place artistically on the card. The overall effect should be of a seemingly random collection of objects sitting on the card, all adding up to your preparations for your wedding day.



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