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Are group bachelorette gifts a good idea?

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Put that bachelorette gag gift back on the shelf and think about getting your girlfriend a real present. We all know that sex toys, thongs, and phallic dinnerware are funny but don't you think she'll get plenty of that from the other guests? Your friend is getting ready for one of the biggest days of her life and this serious event calls for at least one serious gift. Here are some great ideas: . tickets to a play, ballet, or concert . gift certificates to a clothing store she love . gift certificate to a spa . a massage . satin sheet sets . . a gift certificate to her favorite salon If you really want to give the bride something nice, consider a group gift. Collect money from each guest ahead of time and plan something big. Set up a weekend getaway for the new couple at a cozy bread and breakfast.



9/24/2006 6:52:41 PM
Amanda said:

Make sure to follow what the bachelorette wants for her bachelorette party than trying to do what the maid of honor and bridesmaids want since it is her party :) Also visit us for gifts and ideas :)


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