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What are some ideas for a classy bridal shower party?

High Tea: The Key to a Bridal Shower Party

High tea is an afternoon activity frequently indulged by the high class and well-to-do's. So why not make your bride feel like a princess for a day while you indulge her in a high tea bridal shower party? This party can be simple and does not cost a lot to put on, but can leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy - and full from the scones, finger sandwiches and petite fours. To make this look as lovely as the bride, set out tea cups at each place setting. These look even more fun if every tea cup is different in design so don't worry about not having enough tea cups to match. You may even ask each guest to bring their favorite tea cup, which could work well as an ice breaker. Then, serve the food on tiered platters placed on the tables around the room. This is the perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon with some friends and celebrate the bride to be!

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