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Bachelorette Party Destination City: Amsterdam

If international travel is on your mind for your bride-buddy's bachelorette party, one of the best cities you can choose is Amsterdam. Home of the original Red Light District, there are plenty of racy shows and night clubs to keep your entire party submerged in debauchery!

And if you do get tired of all the sex, Amsterdam has beautiful canals to boat along, excellent restaurants and breweries (this is the home of Amstel Light, for example), museums (like the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum), and plenty of fine shopping. You can't go wrong with Amsterdam as your party spot!

What are some resources for a Chicago bachelorette party?

Chicago Resources

The Chicago City Search team researched the subject of bachelorette parties thoroughly, and you can take advantage of their research. Go to the City Search page and type in 'bachelorette' to look at pages and pages of reviews, news and ideas.

Hop along to the Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club for a night of Boys Town entertainment and truly fabulous female impersonators, turn your Chicago bachelorette party into a night of luxury by hiring a mobile spa, hold a private lingerie party at Wildflowers lingerie boutique, or go absolutely crazy at Ethel's Chocolates with a chocolate feast.

Even if you're not planning a Chicago bachelorette party, this site has a great range of ideas to inspire your planning in your hometown.

Help! I can't plan my Chicago bachelorette party at all!

Chicago Bachelorette Essentials

If you are in Chicago , or planning to hold a Chicago bachelorette party, there is a fantastic web site specially designed to take away all your worries. The Chicago Bar Project is a central resource for all partiers in the big old city, and it has a section specifically for bachelorette party planners.

The page covers parties on a budget, bachelorette party planning companies to visit, and theme suggestions (as well as the places to go to when you have decided on a theme and want someone else to organize for you).

The site has a list of recommended restaurants, and ideas for activities bachelorette parties can seek out while they hop from bar to bar.

What is a pub crawl?

Pub Crawl Parties...and Prowlers

If you are traveling to another city for your bachelorette party, make the most of it by joining in a pub crawl.

Pub crawls are designed for the tourism industry, and generally give a good overview of the nightlife of a city while getting guests great drink deals and a lot of fun.

Joining a pub crawl can make for a wild bachelorette party, as everyone on the tour will join in your fun. Check out the tourist information when you are researching your trip, and see what local companies offer. Boston , for instance, offers a bus pub crawl, which involves the use of a 32-seat school bus along a planned route for a price per person.

The major advantage of pub crawls, apart from the obvious introduction to the nightlife of an unfamiliar city, is that you don't have to worry about drink driving as transport is usually either by foot or provided.

Is it too extreme to go on a trip for my party?

Wild and Free – And Gone

No holds are barred when it comes to a bachelorette party, apart from any considerations on cost. Many European bachelorette parties travel across countries to celebrate the bride's last night out, and brides themselves relish what may be their last chance to travel unshackled. If you are considering going away for your party, inform your guests very early (at least two months beforehand) and keep your eye on airline websites for any specials.

What can we do at our bachelorette party in Boston?

Boston Rocks On

Boston may not be renowned for its wild parties, but a Boston girls night out can provide a truly quality night of fun. Boston bachelorette party companies offer bus party packages that involve the hire of your own school bus, seating up to 32 people, to travel from bar to bar or just cruise around town.

River cruise companies offer packages for bachelorettes to party in style as they sail. Check out the packages on offer and see if you can get a deal with a cruise and nightclub combination to ensure an entire night of fun.

What is an interesting bachelorette item in Chicago?

XXX Cakes… Believe It Or Not

What does a Chicago bachelorette party have that no other bachelorette party has? As loath as we are to favor any city over another, Chicago can boast a truly unique attraction in the Chicago Exotic Cakes company.

The company designs cakes specifically intended for bachelorette parties, creating them in exquisite and anatomical detail. All cakes are 3-D, full color and definitely adults only.

Even if a life-size and extremely life-like set of male genitalia is not on your list of things to buy for dessert after that bachelorette dinner, this store is worth a look. And probably another look.

What's on offer in Boston for bachelorette parties?

Boston Bachelorette Bashes

Boston tourism companies have really embraced the concept of a Boston girls night out, creating bachelorette packages that feature things such as sex toy parties and wild nightclub tours.

One of the most interesting things on offer is a planned bachelorette scavenger hunt which provides guests with a map, a list, limousine rides, use of Polaroid cameras (to capture some of the scavenger hunt items), photography, trophies for the winners and prizes during the night.

Another interesting event is Jake Ivory's piano show, which recently added a bachelorette party package to its list of offers. The show is a dinner show, featuring some hot dueling pianos and some special attention for the bride.


Las vegas Party Wild West Style

Believe it or not, Vegas isn't all flashing lights, casinos, and strip clubs (and Las Vegas bachelorette parties doesn't have to be either). Has your bride-to-be pal always had a hankering to cowboy up and ride into the sunset, cook over a fire, and fall asleep under the stars? Well, Vegas is the place to do it. Get out your boots and spurs and prepare for a Butch & Sundance Overnight Adventure.

Butch & Sundance will pick your group up from your Vegas hotel and drive you to their cozy camp where you'll think that you and your gal pals have stepped into the wild, wild, west of yesteryear. You will ride into a spectacular sunset on horseback and then setle at a campsite where your own cowboy or wrangler will set up camp and prepare a delicious meal for your posse. As you relax for the night you will glance up into an open sky full of stars and magic! The following morning, you will rise to the scent of breakfast in a skillet and then you'll hit the trails again and ride back into the ranch headquarters.

Sound like a wild time? For more information, call: 1-800-719-6423.

What are some costume ideas for a Chicago bachelorette party?

Costume, Chicago Style

Make your Chicago girls night out a real event by making it a 1930s theme party. Yes, the movie is a little passé now, but that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the spectacular fun of sporting a long string of pearls, a feather boa and a sexy, sassy attitude.

Have your guests doll up and arm themselves with their biting wit (maybe leave the toy tommy guns at home) and see if you can't land yourselves a Richard Gere or two. Pair your night out with a musical ( Chicago for preference) and you will have a rollicking time.

How should you get around during a New York bachelorette party?

Hey, Taxi!

When the drinking games at home get old, take your New York bachelorette parties to the town. Every smart girl knows, however, that it's never a good idea to drink and drive…especially if you want your friend to live to see her wedding day. If you haven't rented a limo or a party bus, hale a cab. If you haven't had a lesson in cabs, it's time you got one.

Know where you want to go ahead of time and know the exact address as drivers often don't know where even the most popular bars are (or at least pretend not to). Also keep in mind that cabs can only accomodate four people (five if the cab driver allows a passenger to sit shotgun). If you split up make sure everyone knows the destination. On a final note, you can tell if the cab is available by checking to see if the if the middle light on the roof is illuminated. When a cab is occupied, only the side sections of the light will will be lit. It's incredible how many people still don't know how to catch a cab!

What do I do at a Vegas bachelorette party?

Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas bachelorette parties don't have to be all about the gambling. Okay…maybe a little casino action but c'mon girls, explore the city! When you check into your hotel, be sure to tell the person at the desk that you girlfriend is about to tie the know. A lot of times, if they're not full, hotels will offer you a free upgrade and maybe even some goodies.

After a night of booze, gambling, and dancing, be sure to bring the bride-to-be past some of those all night wedding chapels so she can see what she's getting herself into!

How can I throw a great, artistic Chicago bachelorette party?

Pot Party!

Bachelorette party Chicago style! The biggest rage in Chicago bachelorette parties seem to be create-your-own pottery parties. If you decide to make pottery, it's a great idea to have every attendee of the party make a gift for the bride-to-be. You can plan these event at places like Glazed Expressions or PotHead). These places offer a large variety of items (dishes, bowls, vases, piggy banks, picture frames, etc.). Once you've selected an item, you can paint it with a colored glaze of your choosing.

During the glazing, it's a good idea to sip wine (pack your own). It's also great to ask that some members of the party bring appetizers. Once your pots are finished, the staff will then put them in the queue to be cooked in the oven and will give you a date on which they will be ready for pick up (on a different day). Keep in mind that the pottery will be less than impressive when you it initially, the baking will bring the colors to life.

Pricing of the unpainted pottery varies depending on which item you select (anywhere from $4 to $40). Depending on where you go, there may be an additional charge for glazing and firing or even a per hour charge. If you call ahead of time and let them know you're planning a bachelorette party, you might be able to talk your way into a discount.

Who pays for what at a bachelorette party?

All That Jazz

So, you here that a bachelorette party Chicago style is the way to go and you're planning a trip from your lazy little southern town, all the way to Illinois with the bride-to-be and her closest pals in tote. You're wondering now, however, who will pay the price.

Take it from a guide to city bachelorette parties, a rule of thumb is that the bride should not have to pay for a single thing during the course of the party. If you dine at a restaurant or drink at a bar, the attendants should foot the bill. If it involves going away, however, it's a little different. You should always pay for all activities and accommodations. If you're hopping on a plane, however, the bride-to-be should be expected to pay for her own transportation to the party. That being said, run the idea past her first and be darn sure that she wants to dish out to incur the cost of a plane ticket before deciding to have an out-of-town party.

What is a great nontraditional NYC bachelorette party idea?

Look Your Best

Ladies throwing New York bachelorette parties have no reason not to look their best when heading out on the town. "Cheek to Chic" (, run by make-up artist and personal make-up shopper, Rachel Wade, will give personal makeover sessions in your home.

Rachel Wade parties will cost you $650 for 6 women and $100 per extra woman after that. The process is genius: Each woman brings her personal make-up supply to the party and Wade will walk each person through what works and what doesn't. She'll tell you what not to do, what to do, and what works best for you. And, after each woman has received her mini makeover, they will look like supermodels when they head out for the evening. Imagine how amazing it would be to be the most gorgeous group of girls out on the town!

How can I plan a Mardi Gras bachelorette party?

Party with the Best of 'Em

It's Carnival time! If you want your bachelorette party to take place amidst one of the biggest parties in the world, plan a New Orleans bachelorette party during Mardi Gras. Yes, Mardi Gras is just as wild as everyone says and just as crowded too. If you want to plan this event, you have to do it FAR in advance (some people make hotel reservations up to a year in advance).

If you're planning a Mardi Gras bachelorett party in The Big Easy, book a hotel that is close to the action (in the French Quarter or on St. Charles) so that you will be able to walk to your destinations. During Mardi Gras you are likely to be drinking all day so be sure to eat meals and drink plenty of water (maybe slip some snacks as bottled waters in a back pack). Drinking only liquor for an extended period of time in not healthy and could end in disaster.

What are some great bachelorette party destinations?

Take Your Party on the Road

A popular idea, if you can pull it off, is to plan an out-of-town an bachelorette weekend. You can head to a place that is special to the bride, such as a place she visited as a child, her old college town, or a city where a good friend of hers resides.

You might go camping, hiking, climbing, rafting, a casino, a spa or resort, or to a city that she's always wanted visit but has never had the chance to (think about a NYC or New Orleans bachelorette party). Once you're there, you can do any or none of the suggested activities. Be sure, however, that the future bride has a blast and be sure that it's her weekend!

* If you're having trouble deciding on a location, try picking up a sort-of guide to city bachelorette parties, or researching options online.

What are some great NYC bachelorette party ideas?

Take it to NYC

The lights are bright on Broadway, girls, and the entertainment is everywhere. New York bachelorette parties have endless possibilities if you plan them out correctly. Start the evening out at one of NYC's countless fine restaurants. Enjoy some delicious food and sip cocktails. When your bellies are full, head to the theatre. At any given time there are numerous plays being performed around the city.

Don't just pick a play on a whim, however, read reviews and pick a show that's doing well. Then, order the tickets ahead of time and be sure to inquire about group rates (you might get a deal). Post theatre take your party out on the town, the city never sleeps afterall! This event might sound epic but keep in mind that this is your dear friend's last night of singlehood so dragging it out is more than acceptable.

What is a unique New York bachelorette party idea?

Poetry to Music

New York is a crazy city and New York bachelorette parties should be just as crazy! Need a good idea? Try something a little different and take your party to The Donkey Show. Okay, okay, it's not what you're thinking! The Donkey Show is a creative theatrical masterpiece that is sure to be enjoyed by all of the gals. It's part theatre and part night life shenanigans that sets Shakespearean poetry to 70s music.

You can shake it to the music til your heart's content! They even offer special packages for bachelorette parties of 10 or more. Packages include: free admission for the bride, a bottle of champagne, and a special Bachelorette-A-Kit. Tickets are between $35 to $45 each and can be purchase through Ticketmaster (

How do I throw a bachelorette party in Dallas?

Dallas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Dallas bachelorette parties can be fun, exciting, and memorable!

Several area limo companies offer free packages for you and your girlfriends to tour the best night life in the city. If you are in the mood for something a little different, The Girls Room offers parties to help teach the girls in your group "seductive" moves to try on their men. Other nightclubs and bars in the area offer special "bachelorette" themed party packages.

For the tame bride, a trip to one of the area's shopping districts is also an option. Trips to museums and concerts are also a great way to celebrate impending nuptials without going overboard.

No matter what style of bachelorette party you choose, it is sure to be a memorable night for the Dallas bride!

What are some interesting things to do at a Las Vegas bachelorette party?

Goin' to the Chapel

Make a tour of the famous Las Vegas wedding chapels a part of the bachelorette's big night out. Las Vegas bachelorette parties have the advantage of having plenty of free entertainment in America's glitziest city.

Bachelorette parties can hire a limousine for the evening and bar hop, visiting interesting sights along the way. Do a bit of research into the wedding chapels that will be most interesting to your bachelorette – whether they be the most outrageous chapels, or a tour of the Elvis impersonator chapels!

Plan your route carefully to mix a visit to a chapel with a visit to a nearby bar or restaurant. The chapels can be your free entertainment as you hop from bar to bar, and you never know… one of the guests might beat the bride to the altar!

Is Las Vegas too glitzy for a good party?

Gamble In Style

Who says Las Vegas has to be all glitz and no glamour? Las Vegas bachelorette parties don't have to be spent at the slots or wandering packed, light-flashing streets.

When planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party, go with style all the way and instruct your guests to bring their best evening dresses for the night out. Gather guests in a central hotel room for a truly girly dressing session before heading out to the baccarat and roulette tables to place a few small bets. Don't feel you have to gamble constantly - let other players be your entertainment and join in their thrill when the stakes get high.

To cut costs, have everyone share a room at a quality hotel and have your own luxury sleepover. Get the girls to bring their most luxurious sleepwear and give each other top-shelf makeovers to finish of your evening of luxury.

How can I throw a great New orleans bachelorette party?

Bachelorette Parties in the Big Easy

You don't need a guide to city bachelorette parties to know where the hot spots are. If want to let the good times roll on your last night as a single lady, plan a New Orleans bachelorette party. Start your spicy evening off with some great cajun food at one of New Orleans' countless delicious restaurants (like Tujague's, Jaques Ismo's, or Commander's Palace). After an exciting meal you will, of course, want to move the party down to Bourbon Street. The best thing about Bourbon Street is that both sides of it are lined with clubs and bars. When you get tired of dancing up a storm in one club you can move on to the next one.

One of the most popular bars for bachelorette parties on Bourbon St. is "The Cat's Meow". This is a funky, two-story bar with endless possibilities. On the first floor you can put your name in a cue and take your turn at karaoke (no worries, no one will here you if you get the whole party up on stage together). And, if karaoke isn't your bag, head up to the second floor where you can listen to music and hang out on the balcony. The best thing about New Orleans is that the party doesn't stop until you throw in the towel. If you feel the urge you can party in the bars until dawn and why shouldn't you? It's your last night as a free woman!

How do I throw a great bachelorette party in Boston?

Don't Miss the Bus!

Boston bachelorette parties don't have to be ho hum, catch one of the most fun rides in town, hop aboard "The Bustonian." The Bustonian is a 32 passenger bus (yep, it was converted from an actual school bus) made to drive your party around Boston. It's the ultimate guide to city bachelorette parties in Boston. The Bustonian actually offers a bachelorette party package in which they will plan your entire evening for you.

The bride-to-be and her gal pals will be treated like queens as they are chauffeured to each destination. And, to top it off, The Bustonian has relationships with the best bars and town and will grant the entire party line privileges and VIP treatment. And, no one will have to bite the bullet and be the designated driver. you can find information on how to catch this bus on

Are las vegas bachelorette parties a good idea?

What Happens in Vegas…

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas but you have to make it happen to begin with. If you want to let your gal pal enjoy one last night of single life, Vegas is the place to do it ( you don't need a guide to city bachelorette parties to figure that out). Las Vegas bachelorette parties are in high demand and for good reason: Vegas is one big party.

Get the girls together and get ready for the time of your lives. If you're going to have your bachelorette party in Vegas, don't just book flights and a hotel suite and hope for the best, plan the event out. There are countless companies that offer packages for bachelorette parties. These packages offer things like transportation, admission to nightclubs, booze, and even VIP guides to help you gain VIP admission to the top clubs (imagine avoiding those lines). These packages usually run between $200 to $300 a personal and are well worth the investment. Do a simple search on the Internet and you will find a bunch of package deals to choose from.

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