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What can we ask people to find in a scavenger hunt?

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Having a bachelorette scavenger hunt may be a great idea, but who can think up the list of items? We can. Here are some ideas for things to include on your list, each worth one point unless otherwise specified
*a kiss from a blonde man (photo from a mobile phone is acceptable) *the bartender's name *a band who will play the bride's favorite song (20 points) *a man who has exactly the same full name as the groom (photo ID required – 5 points)

*a naughty drink – points for each word in the drink's name that describes another element of a lewd act (guests should aim for things like A Slow, Comfortable Screw Up Against A Wall)

*a serenade for the bride

*a man willing to fight of the groom for the bride's hand

*a condom from a strange man's wallet

*10 phone numbers or business cards – worth one point each

*a strange man's underwear – five extra points for each further pair

*a priest (10 points)

*a nun (5 points)

*a band (5 points for each member)

*a man who has the same first or last name as the groom (photo ID required)

What are some good dare ideas?

Truth or Dare Ideas

An obvious party game for some bachelorette party fun is an old fashioned game of truth or dare. It's not always easy to think up a suitable range of bachelorette dares, especially when you don't know the guests very well, so here are some ideas you can use:

*Truth questions: describe your first kiss, your very first date, your prom night, the man you lost your virginity to, your first love, your first crush, your first celebrity crush (great potential for embarrassment here), the song you would most like to have sex to, the most unusual place you have ever had sex, the weirdest dream you ever had, the weirdest experience you ever had… the list goes on.

*Dares: take off your bra at the bar, tell that man over there that you're in love with him, convince a stranger that you're a nun on a night out, do an artistic improvisational dance to a song that's playing, convince someone to go out with your grandmother… Just think of slightly embarrassing things you would be scared to do, but would still find fun. That's what the game is all about.

What are the fundraising games like?

Party Games As Fundraisers

The tradition of bachelorette party games such as "Suck For A Buck" and the candy necklace challenge are well known ways of combining bachelorette party fun with a little fundraising. The danger with these games is that they are very personal. Fundraisers don't have to have such a personal element. Bachelorettes can sell a "Suck for a Buck" by carrying a posy of lollipops for the evening, encouraging strangers to keep their distance while still exploiting people's wish to join in a bachelorette's night of fun and the bachelorette still ends up with a tidy honeymoon fund at the end of the evening. Be sure to provide a padded bat for this excursion, though, in the interests of not aiding an abetting a drunken brawl!

Are there any party games I haven't heard of?

The List

The List is a fine old tradition that provides hours of fun when you're in the mood to play girls night out games. Never heard of it? Here are the rules:

The List is five celebrities you are allowed to sleep with no matter what your relationship status. The idea is to list people you are extremely unlikely to ever meet, so that meeting them can be considered an act of fate that cannot be denied.

The List can only contain people who are alive, and who you are very unlikely to ever meet. (If you hang out with the Brad Pitts of the world, bad luck.) Everyone at the party needs to carefully consider their choices before announcing their own personal List to the group.

For further amusement, have the group compose a List of boys, then another of girls – while the first may not shock, the second is sure to have a few surprises in store!

What's a different drinking game?

A Bar Full of Barrys

For some bachelorette party fun, wait until the party has reached a quieter period before bringing up this game, as it is more fun in a group that has a head start on drinking. Barry simply involves every guest calling every other person 'Barry.' This deceptively simple game has only one rule: everyone is named 'Barry,' and every person has to be addressed by their name every time you talk to them.

Expand the game to include everyone guests happen to talk to in the bar for some truly hilarious moments.

Are there any board games we can use for entertainment?

Give Family Games a New Twist

Bring out your old Pictionary set or make up your own for a round or two of particularly naughty party games. Make sure you write out the challenges before the drinking begins, because trying to think up things for your guests to draw after a couple of martinis is a challenge no organizer should have to face.

What do we put in a quiz?

20 Questions

When looking for bachelorette games to play during your night out, consider having a quiz on the bride's knowledge of the groom. Ask the groom a few basic questions about himself (try not to make them too obscure – as one bachelorette noted, deliberately asking hard questions made it impossible for her to guess any answers).

Make this a quick game to get the evening's fun going. The number of questions the bride gets right does not matter as much as how much fun she has in giving the answers. Finish off the quiz with five hard and fast questions, and ask guests to bet on how many the bride gets right. The questions should be on some of the groom's basic statistics:

  1. What is the groom's full name?
  2. What does the groom want to name his children?
  3. What is the groom's favorite meal?
  4. Where is the wildest place the couple has ever had sex?
  5. What happened with their first kiss?

How can I embarrass the bride-to-be at her bachelorette party?

Grown-up Dress-up

Bachelorette party games are a must and, the more creative they are the better. Want to know a great one that will leave the bride blushing? First, you'll need a male blow-up doll and a pair of handcuffs. Handcuff the bride to her inflatable man and bring them to a very public and crowded place. Tell the bride that she will not be unhandcuffed until the doll is completely dressed (underwear and socks do count)! The bride's job is to ask every passing guy for an article of clothing. You'll be shocked to see how many guys will actually oblige! If the bride is a little shy make it a group effort and let the rest of the party get in on the game, you'll have that doll looking presentable in no time.

How is "I Never" played?

Never Say "I Never"

"I never…played 'I Never' at a bachelorette party." Well, my friends, maybe you should try it. The "I Never" game really never got old. By saying two simple words you could uncover people's darkest secrets or confess yours by merely taking a sip of your drink. For anyone not in the know, the rules are simple: One at a time, each person starts an action sentence with the words "I never" and anyone who has actually done the action in question has to take a sip of her beverage. The actions are usually embarrassing in nature ("I never had sex on a picnic table", "I never kissed more than 2 guys in one night," etc.). By the end of the game you'll know more about these people than you ever could've imagined and you'll probably have a good buzz (unless you're an angel or a liar).

What existing games can we give a bachelorette twist to?

Say It With Dough

Go one step better than drunken Pictionary by grabbing yourself a few containers of play dough and some challenging sculpture ideas. If your guests ever thought drawing a picture after a couple of Cosmopolitans was one of the more difficult bachelorette party games, just look at their faces as they attempt to sculpt 'To Kill A Mockingbird' – or even just a plain old 'peanut butter and jelly sandwich.' One bride recalls her proudest moment when she succeeded in conveying a difficult film character to her audience with a simple sculpture: 'I modeled two figures out of the dough, gave one breasts, gave the other a martini and everyone instantly guessed James Bond!

Is there a bachelorette-only scavenger hunt?

Bachelorette-Only Scavenger Hunt

Get guests involved in the bachelorette party activities by having them help design a special bachelorette scavenger hunt for the bachelorette to embark on. Provide guests with lists at the beginning of the evening and collect in the middle of the evening to compile a final list. This will give the bachelorette a bit of time to relax and begin to enjoy the night before you spring your evil plan on her.

Ask the bachelorette to collect the items on the list and give her a drink for each item retrieved. Listing items the bachelorette has to scavenge from the other bar patrons is a great way of making friends throughout the night, but try to dissuade guests from items that you feel the bachelorette will be uncomfortable with.

Is there a guaranteed-fun party game I can use?

Pass the Orange – An Oldie But Goodie

If there is one sure-fire way of making new friends fast, it is a game of pass-the-orange. This game encourages cooperation between members of the group and is a fast way of making guests feel comfortable around new people, which is perfect for the potentially somber mix girls night out parties can contain, when a bride wants to gather friends from different areas of her life.

The only item needed for the game is an orange, or a similarly round, soft item. The game is played by placing the orange under the chin of the first guest in line. That person then has to pass the orange to the next person in line, using only their chins.

What's a good bachelorette party drinking game?

Drinking Games

If you're one of those people who is no stranger to drinking games, you've definitely heard of "quarters." It's a lovely little game that involves bouncing (you guessed it) quarters off of the table and into a glass of liquor. Well, watch out ladies, there's a new breed of this game created just for bachelorette parties. The game, "Super Quarters," comes with several perforated discs (each with a dare printed on it) and a muffin tray. Each disc is inserted in a section of the muffin tray. One at a time, each lady bounces a quarter off of the table and into one of the sections of the muffin tray and must perform the dare that she hits. This game can get ridiculous, and will, as you can change out the dares as it progresses. Choosing bachelorette party entertainment has never been so simple!

How is dirty pictionary played?

Paint a Dirty Picture

Still busy choosing bachelorette party entertainment? Bachelorette party games are a great way to start the evening. Before heading out to celebrate the bride-to-be's last night of freedom, start the night with dinner and tasty beverages at someone's home while taking part in naughty bachelorette games. These are so many of these games available now that the possibilities are endless. Dirty Pictionary is a gorgeously embarrassing bachelorette game option. The same rules apply as with ordinary Pictionary accept that all of the G rated subjects are replace with naughty ones (use you imagination). As you can imagine, this game has great potential to really open your guests up. It's also a great ice breaker and a way for everyone to become intimately acquainted. I mean, once you've drawn X rated pictures together you can't help but feel comfortable around one another.

What's a "suck for a buck" shirt?

Suck This!

Do you really want to embarrass the bride-to-be? Get her a "Suck for a Buck" T-shirt and make her earn her evening. Okay, okay, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds…get your mind out of the gutter! A "Suck for a Buck" shirt is a regular T-shirt with individual candies attached to it. The idea is that throughout the night men approach the future bride and pay her a dollar to eat a candy off of her shirt. As you can imagine, "suck for a buck" can turn out to be horrendously embarrassing and great fun for all spectators (don't forget to take pictures). If you don't want the bride to feel alone you can also purchase candy necklaces for all of the party attendees to wear. Men can also pay a dollar to eat these. Don't be greedy though, all proceeds should go to the bride-to-be, it's her night!

Is truth or dare a good bachelorette party game?

I Dare You…

Man, do I ever remember all of the juicy gossip I found out while playing "Truth or Dare" as a young teenager. In those days, however, there wasn't that much good dirt around. Can you imagine what you can learn about your friends today? Playing truth or dare at a bachelorette party can turn into a helluva good time (you might want to give everyone a few drinks first though). The tricky part of truth or dare is knowing your limits. Remember that you are all ladies and be careful not to ask anyone a question that might offend them or embarrass them in a tasteless way. A good rule of thumb is to only ask deliciously prying questions and assign ridiculously embarrassing dares to those that you know very well (and know they can handle it). The last thing you want to do is make someone feel awkward.

How do I put together a bachelorette party scavenger hunt?

X Marks the Spot

Remember how much fun scavenger hunts were when you were younger? Forget all about those hunts because a bachelorette scavenger hunt is a completely different breed of the game! Ultimately this hunt is designed for the attendees to laugh while the bachelorette completes embarassing tasks. Alternatively, however, it could be fun as a group effort by splitting the party into multiple teams and competing to complete the most tasks (it's also a great idea to use a polaroid or digital camera to verify task completions). Some great tasks to put on the list are: A guys' boxers, a chest hair, getting a guy to allow you to paint his finger or toenails, 10 business cards with personal messages written on the back, get a guy to let you perform a body shot off of him, kiss the nastiest guy in the room, get a guy to serenade you Top Gun style. You can make these lists as wild or tame as you'd like. And, the more creative you are, the more fun it can be.


Take it All Off!

If an inflatable penis just isn't enough and you couldn't resist the idea of hiring a male stripper for your pal's bachelorette party (and why should you) don't go about it blindly. First of all, you might want to check with the guests to be sure that no one will be offended by a man shaking it and taking his clothes off. Once that's out of the way, make sure you select a reputable company from which to hire your stripper (yes, reputable companies for this sort of thing do exist). Read reviews and ask around before hiring a stripper from just any company. Now, if you hire a dancer, there are some things you'll want to get clear with the company: 1)How much clothing should be removed; 2) Whether photos are permittable; 3) Music and instructions. Most importantly, meet with an agent in person and sign a contract.

What's a creative bachelorette party game?

Calling All Sculptors

There are countless bachelorette games out there but how many of them test to your artistic creativity? Choosing bachelorette party entertainment can be quite a task, try out this activity for some artsy alternatives: To get started you'll need some wire, some plastic knives, and whole lot of clay. Give each lady a wad of clay and tell everyone to pick their own tools. Then, set a ten minute time limit and see who can sculpt the best penis. Place all of the penises on the table and have everyone vote (make strict rules that no girl can pick her own penis). To spice it up even more, make categories (most defined, funniest, most creative, most realistic, etc.) and assign a winner to each category.

What's a fun bachelorette party game idea?

Turn the Tables

How many ladies are tired of feeling like they're up on a block everytime they walk into a bar? Sickened by sketchy men turning and ogling like they have every right to look women up and down? Well, I believe it's about time to turn the tables. One of the most ingenious bachelorette games I've ever come across is called "Scavenger Hunk" and it is definitely as much fun as it sounds (and just as deliciously judgmental). Scavenger Hunk comes with a board that has an illustrated list of "hunks" that you must find, in two hours. The game includes an erasable pen so you can cross each man off as you locate him. The first one to find all of the men on the card wins! Contrary to the game's title, not every man on the list is a "hunk". Some of the descriptions include "Heavy Metal", "British Punk", "Rich", and "Angry Hairy Guy." As you can imagine, this game has the potential to get ugly, especially when men inquire what you're doing and find themselves on the list...reactions will probably vary from flattered to downright insulted.

Is there a version of "pin the tail on the donkey" for bachelorette parties?

Where's the Fire?

Having some difficulties choosing bachelorette party entertainment? Let your next bachelorette party take you back to your childhood…well, sort-of. Remember "pin the tail on the donkey"? Well, baby it's grown up too. The adult version is called "pin the hose on the fireman" and is every bit as good as it sounds. The same rules apply as the original game except that instead of trying to pin the tail on a donkey's rear, you're trying to pin a hose on a fireman' get the idea. C'mon, every good fireman needs all of his equipment! Each lady gets to pick her own hose and there's a hose to fit any personality type. This game is sure to give you all the giggles and might get the room so hot and bothered that you'll have to call the real fire department.


10 Bachelorette Party Jokes

  1. If women ruled the world, little girls would read "Snow White and the Seven Hunks".

  2. Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? Breasts don't have eyes.

  3. What are the three rings of marriage? Engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

  4. What is a man's idea of foreplay? An hour of begging.

  5. Why do bachelors like smart women? Opposites attract.

  6. Groucho Marx said, "A husband should learn to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open."

  7. Tell the girls why God created Eve. Because after creating Adam, He looked, scratched his head and said, "I can do better!"

  8. Cats are better than men because a cat will purr when served dinner.

  9. If women ruled the world, men would HAVE to get Playboy for the articles because there would be no pictures.

  10. Q. How are men and the weather alike? A. Neither one can be changed.

The girls will keep laughing well into the night, and the bride will remember her bachelorette party for years and years to come.

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