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What are some joke gifts we can give the bachelorette?

Gag Gift Ideas

As it is not customary to give a large bachelorette gift on the bachelorette party night, many groups go for gag gifts to add to the fun of the night. These gifts can be naughty, or merely make a joking reference to the bachelorette's soon-to-be status as a wife.
Naughty gifts include penis-shaped baking tins, penis pasta or lolly-pops, edible massage oil and chocolate body paint. Some of these gifts can also be aimed at the honeymoon – naughty lingerie, flavored condoms or a feather tickler are gifts that are sexual but aren't likely to make the bride uncomfortable. If the bride is a bit wilder, consider French tickler condoms, handcuffs, a riding crop or even a vibrator, and enjoy the stunned look on her face!

What sort of sentimental gifts can we give the bride-to-be?

A Sentimental Journey

A bachelorette party gift shouldn't be anything too large or fancy (the bride won't be expecting big gifts until the wedding), but it can be priceless. One good idea is to get each guest to bring a photograph that they have of the bride, or of a memorable event for her, and get them to arrange the photos in a frame or album. This will not only provide the bride with a way to look over her memories of single life, but be a token of her big night out. Have each guest explain the story behind the photo, allowing everyone to join in the remembering.

Getting married is an emotional time for a woman, and traditionally a point where she leaves her early life behind to become the head of a family. A sentimental bachelorette party gift can be used to reaffirm the bride-to-be's link to her past and help her to move into the next stage of her life. Look for small items you can include in your bachelorette party gift package, such as decorative picture frames, wedding ring pictures and other bridal items.

What is a funny bachelorette party gift idea?

Stick it to the Man

Have you ever had a hex put on you? Maybe done a dance with a witch doctor? Okay, unless you're some Voo Doo queen in the French Quarter of New Orleans you probably haven't but that doesn't make Voo Doo any less fun! A great bachelorette gag gift is a "New Husband Voo Doo Doll" to help keep that man in check. Aside from stabbing the guy every time he displeases her, this doll actually lists specific things that the bride can make her hubby do my simply applying pins to designated areas. Some of the fun commands include: take me to a chick flick, remember our anniversary, stop acting like an ass, and take me to a chick flick. And, even if your friend is too nice to ever do such things, it can't hurt to leave that little puppy laying around as a warning.

What is the bachelorette oath?

I Swear to...

You wouldn't lie under oath would you? Shame on you if you ever lie under the bachelorette oath! The bachelorette oath is a top secret document that binds every party guest to secrecy upon their signature. After all, if you throw the party right there are bound to be events that should be kept under wraps! As the party commences, have someone read the oath aloud or pass it around and have each lady read a line. Once everyone understands the oath, have each attendee sign the document. And, periodically throughout the night, remind everyone that they are held under the oath. The real reason for the oath is so that the future bride can have a registry of everyone that attended the event and remember it always.

What are the traditional gifts for a bachelorette party?

Traditional Gifts

Traditionally, bachelorette gifts are relatively small and token. A bride can expect her friends to cover the cost of her bachelorette party, including paying for any entertainment (usually in the form of a male stripper) and beverages. Friends generally give the bachelorette something 'for the bottom drawer' – as it was known in the past – meaning a small gift of lingerie or nightwear, or house items needed to help her in her married life.

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional purpose of a bachelorette party or hen's night is to share the bride's joy in getting married and to help her prepare for marriage. Bachelorette gifts follow this aim. Bridesmaids, maids of honor and friends follow through with activities originally intended to frighten away any evil spirits attracted by the bride's happiness, doing things such as noisemaking with pots and pans through the streets, or daubing the bride with flour and soot to promote health and happiness in the home.

These days, the tradition of frightening away spirits has fallen to the way side, but friends still give gifts that help the bride prepare for marriage.

Can gifts go too far if they make the bachelorette uncomfortable?

When Friends Go Too Far

Sometimes, a bachelorette gift can go too far. The traditions surrounding a bachelorette night out might put pressure on planners to go a little wilder than the bride may be comfortable with, and it is a good idea to keep this in mind when arranging gag gifts.

One bride writes, " It didn't occur to me to have a conversation about what I wanted and didn't want at my bachelorette party because I'm an Anne of Green Gables, high tea loving, Jane Austen reading type of gal. My bridesmaids are on the same wave length too including my sis, or so I thought. It turns out that she had started purchasing this penis paraphernalia as well as sex toys, a whip, a pink leather cat suit etc. I told her in kind but firm tones that I did not want the stuff. A silk nighty, feather boa or fuzzy handcuffs would more than do the trick."

Some gifts may make the bride uncomfortable to the point that she questions her friendships with the organisers. At such a time, it is important to remember that a wedding is an emotional and stressful time in a woman's life and she may be more prone to outbursts than usual – so it is best to avoid difficult situations altogether.

If you're planning the party without the bride's input, keep in mind that her boundaries might be different to yours. Even when you know the bride well, she might feel uncomfortable when given sexually explicit gifts in front of a mixed group of friends, and might draw the line when asked to try them on or try them out.

Should we give the bachelorette gifts at her party?

Bachelorette Gifts

Tradition dictates that larger gifts are kept for the wedding day when a woman gets married, but this does not mean that you are not allowed to give her a smaller, personal gift at her bachelorette party.

When choosing a small bachelorette gift, the main element is not to become too extravagant. Small gifts that reflect your personal link to the bride are good – go through your photo collection to see if there are any memories you can gift her with, or even consider sharing a story of your times together with the rest of the party by writing it in a card.

Other small gifts can be small treats, such as bath oils or incense. Buy her a single, sinful chocolate of good quality, or research her favorite treats. Buying a bottle of wine or champagne to share at the party is also a suitably small present that will give something meaningful to the bachelorette.

What are some cute gifts we can give to the bride-to-be?

Cute Gift Ideas

A small and cute bachelorette gift can being a smile to the bride-to-be's face and provide her with continued support as she begins married life. Think about things that the bride might need in her home that she might not have thought of asking for in her gift list – small items such as teatowels, kitchen utensils, vases or oven mitts are handy and useful gifts that can have a cute twist.

For a memorable gift, have each guest bring a flower to give to the bride. The flowers can be kept in a vase until the big day or dried and framed to remind her of the love of her friends.

Another easy to do gift is to ask the bride's mother, sisters and friends to each write a piece of advice on marriage and keeping a home. Glue each note into a notebook and present it to the bachelorette at her party. Alternatively, collect the bride's favorite recipes this way for a home-made cookbook.

Can we give the bachelorette gifts for her honeymoon?

For Her Wedding Night

Giving the bride-to-be gifts for her honeymoon is a great way to make her bachelorette shower gift a practical one. This avenue can also be used for some fun, if gag lingerie is thrown into the mix. Either invite guests to provide the bride with a small item for her trosseau, ask for hideous lingerie as a gag, or mix the two ideas.

By inviting guests to add a small item to the bride's lingerie collection, you can keep to the tradition of small gifts for the bachelorette shower but still provide a valuable present.

When looking for gag lingerie, you don't have to go to the expense of buying naughty lingerie from a clothes shop. Explore local second-hand stores for some truly horrible items. Challenge your guests to make the bride believe that you seriously expect her to wear the items on her honeymoon – or challenge her to convince her bridegroom!

Make a night of the lingerie party by giving your bachelorette a home-made makeover, giving each guest a separate task. Give her a relaxing foot massage and pedicure, manicure, face mask and makeup experiments. This is a great idea if you are holding the bachelorette shower close to the wedding date – you will save her a visit to the beauty parlor for basic treatments.

What's a cute bachelorette gift idea?

Honey Do's He'll Do

The bride is the queen and deserves to be treated as one, by her soon-to-be new husband anyway. If you're looking for bachelorette gift advice, give the best bachelorette party gift ever...more gifts! Give her a book of "Wedding Vouchers" that she can use to squeeze extra favors out of her main squeeze. This charming little coupon book comes with requests for things like: 1 toilet seat down, 1 breakfast in bed, and 1 candlelight dinner without the in laws. These humorous requests are bound to be fulfilled by the groom (especially while they're still in their honeymoon phase). Go ahead, let her get worshipped a little before fully giving in to the ball and chain way of life.

What are some good bachelorette gag gift ideas?

Gag Her!

Want some bachelorette gift advice? If you want to add some flavor to the evening, ask that each guest bring a bachelorette gag gift to the party. Beware, however, that these items almost always end up being sexual in nature (that's half the fun). The real point of a gag gift is to get the bride something that she would never buy for herself (or admit to buying for herself).

Think naughty lingerie, edible undergarments, tittie tassles, scented lotions, massage oils, and sex toys! At the end of the night the future bride should leave with enough goodies to spice up her sex life for years. If you don't feel comfortable going into a special store to purchase items like this for your gal pal, have no fear. There are plenty of sites available where you can shop and order from the privacy of your own home.

What kind of gift should you give the bride-to-be?

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Quit looking for bachelorette gift advice! Getting a gift for the bride-to-be isn't difficult, go for bedroom attire! No, I'm not talking about pajama pants and nightshirts with little moons on them, I'm talking naughty lingerie. Your girlfriend is about to spend the rest of her life with one man and it's up to you and the rest of the bachelorette party to make sure that things don't get boring. Think lace and excitement, think strappy (or no straps at all). The truth is that the blushing bride would never walk into a lingerie store and buy these items for herself so make sure that she's stocked up and equipped to keep her new husband guessing. Wouldn't she do the same for you?

What are some luxurious bachelorette party gift ideas?

The Spa Treatment

Before a new bride slips into her naughty lingerie she'll want to get fresh and clean. Treat your bride-to-be pal with her own personal spa stash at her bachelorette party. Dirty Girl is a funky little brand that is sure to crack smiles with it's cleverly suggestive name. Get your gal pal a Dirty Girl spa kit (filled with soaps and lotions), a scented Dirty Girl Candle, A Dirty Girl foot kit, or some luscious triple whipped Dirty Girl body cream. As long as you're rolling with the relaxing spa theme, get your girl something to slip on when the honeymoon is over? What girl doesn't love comfy pajama pants and cute little tank tops? A girl doesn't have wear next to nothing to look sexy, afterall. Make sure that your girl is well equipped and comfortable on every night of her marriage.


Thoughtful Bachelorette Gifts

Panties and sex toys are always a good time but come on ladies, does the bride to be always have to be the recipient of a bachelorette gag gift? While it's true that bachelorette parties are meant to give the future bride one last night of fun, evetything doesn't have to be naughty and juvenile. Today's women are strong and self sufficient, why not embrace that? Instead of giving your pal tittie tassles and massage oil, give her something practical.

When a person gets married they have to adjust to a new life but it's important that they stay the same person. Give the future bride gifts that she will enjoy and that are reflective of her personality. Does she like to cook? Get her a new cookbook. Does she love to read fun adventure books? Get her the Harry potter series. Is she into hiking? Get her that new backpack she's been eyeing.

*This party is to celebrate the future bride. Get her something that she will truly enjoy, not something funny.

How can I pick a gift for the future bride?

Teach Her to Shake it!

Picking presents for a bachelorette party isn't always the simplest of tasks, especially if you're the hostess. Your gift has to be the best, right? You can bank on the fact that the naughty lingerie and the gag items (like a ball and chain) will be is a bachelorette party afterall. Stumped? Why not give a gift that the bride can keep forever and you can incorporate into the party? Arrange for the group to take dancing lessons on the evening of the party. Sign up for ballroom dance lessons so the bride can shine on her day. Maybe sign up for some exotic dance lessons that the bride can showcase on her wedding night. Even sign up for a hip new dance class where you can all learn great new moves that will earn you bragging rights out at the clubs after the lessons. You can find listings for dance classes online or in the yellow pages. Be sure to ask for a special group rate when you call. It might even be a better idea to pay someone to come to your living room to give the lessons, just make sure you have enough space.

How can you throw an inexpensive bachelorette party?

Naughty Snacks

Are your invitees asking for bachelorette gift advice? Instead of having the guests bring a bachelorette gag gift to the fiesta, have them bring something interesting to nibble on instead. On the invitations, tell every invitee that she must bring a snack, dessert, or dish with a provocative or downright crude theme. Be sure to say that nastier is better. The results are sure to be hilarious and, well, delicious. You can expect things like kielbasas, summer sausages, little smokies, pigs in a blanket, meatballs, chocolate bananas, and desserts sprinkled with tiny, edible appendages. Have each guest present her work of art to the group and maybe even offer a prize for the one that is the most creative. Aside from being ridiculously entertaining, this will take away from the expenses that the hostess would ordinarily incur.

What are some naughty bachelorette gift ideas?

Whack It!

You can't head to your girlfriend's bachelorette party without a great gift so don't even think about it. Just because it's polite to bring a gift, however, doesn't mean that your gift has to be polite! Everyone knows that lewd and crude is highly accepted at these events so bring on the raunchy bachelorette gag gift. Why not bring a gift that can also serve as entertainment? You can wipe that smirk off your face now, that's not what I'm talking about!

Set the bride up with a " Willy Whack-It" penis-shaped pinata. This charming and festive guy even sports a beret and a goatee. Whether it's naughty or nice, make sure that the candy you fill it with is sweet (and don't forget to fill it with candy). You might, however, want to save the drinking until after the pinata fun or hang Willy up somewhere away from breakable items (like the garage).

Are group bachelorette gifts a good idea?

Get Serious

Put that bachelorette gag gift back on the shelf and think about getting your girlfriend a real present. We all know that sex toys, thongs, and phallic dinnerware are funny but don't you think she'll get plenty of that from the other guests? Your friend is getting ready for one of the biggest days of her life and this serious event calls for at least one serious gift. Here are some great ideas: . tickets to a play, ballet, or concert . gift certificates to a clothing store she love . gift certificate to a spa . a massage . satin sheet sets . . a gift certificate to her favorite salon If you really want to give the bride something nice, consider a group gift. Collect money from each guest ahead of time and plan something big. Set up a weekend getaway for the new couple at a cozy bread and breakfast.

What is the difference between a bachelorette shower and a bachelorette party?

Bachelorette Shower or Bachelorette Party?

Some brides-to-be have both a bachelorette party and a bachelorette shower before their wedding day, and this can cause some confusion. The common understanding is that the terms are interchangeable, but in fact they do refer to different events.

A bachelorette shower is a small party, usually held at a private home, intended to prepare the bride for marriage. Much like a baby shower, guests give small gifts that will help the bride in her new role. A shower doesn't tend to turn into a wild night, as a bachelorette party does, instead tending to be a quiet time to catch up with friends before the big day.

It is possible to have both, although if both events are formally and lavishly organized it might be frowned upon. Holding a bachelorette shower is a good way to involve all guests in a bachelorette event, avoiding offence when less lively guests aren't invited to the bachelorette girls' night out.

How do we get the bachelorette to dress up?

Dress The Bride

You can get each guest involved in the bachelorette's night out and make the bachelorette a spectacle by asking each guest to bring something for the bachelorette to wear. Bachelorette apparel makes a great bachelorette party gift, and will draw the guests together in the fun of dressing up.

On the invitation, ask each guest to bring an item of clothing that is as hideous as possible. Don't worry if there are too many guests to create just one outfit – double layers will add to the hilarity of the costume.

Keep your intentions a secret from the bride, but be sure to tell her not to dress up for her party so as to avoid any upsets when she has to change. As always, be sure not to force the bachelorette to do anything that she is not comfortable with.

What should you do at a bachelorette party?

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

If you're unsure for what to do for your best bud's bachelorette party, go classic. Getting the bride sauced up and embarrassing her never gets old. Have some predrinks and catching up time at someone's house before heading out. Then head to a hot dance club. Make sure you get suggestions and read reviews so you won't end up hopping from club to club until you find a good one. One of the best things about being a woman is that it's socially acceptable to dance together. Get all the girls on the dance floor and dance until you can't dance anymore. For some extra fun and some free drinks, invest in some bachelorette shot glasses for all attendees to wear around their necks. You'll be surprised by how many free shots you'll be offered!

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