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How can I get all the guests involved in the dress theme of the party?

Involving Without Isolating

It is difficult to judge whether people you don't know very well will be enthusiastic participants in a costume theme for a party. When organizing a bachelorette party, there is a high likelihood that the guest list will be a mix of people from different areas of the bride's life, most of whom an organizer has never met. This is a tricky situation, especially when the bride may want to behave herself in front of some of the guests instead of being the wild party girl you know and love.

One way to handle the situation is to plan a party that involves a few soft options for shy guests. Plan a theme that can be kept to without going crazy – this might mean that your plans for a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme have to be put aside, but it doesn't mean that you have to have the party at your local knitting club. Simply choose a theme that can have a broad interpretation and might be provided for by creative use of the average wardrobe (see the tip 'Dressing Up' for some ideas).

Another option available to you is providing some party favors or bachelorette accessories for guests. Handing each guest a tiara, name tag or pair of devil horns will make them feel a part of the fun even if they haven't got all dressed up.

If you make it easy for guests to join in, you also make it harder for them not to.

How do you make a veil?

Make Your Own Veil

Making your own bachelorette veils is a fiddly task, but easy to do. Go to your local craft shop for supplies.

For each veil, you will need:

*a 60cm length of a stiff material such as tulle or organza. The material needs to be stiff as well as see-through, and most fabrics come in rolls around one meter or 1.2m wide. (If you want a two-layer veil, buy twice as much.)

*craft glue

*a needle, and thread in the same color as the material

*hair combs or a hair band

Gather the material along the longest edge by folding it in a zig-zag pattern, folding it back and forth every 2cm or so. When you have done this for the whole width, divide the gathers in half and flatten each side, then sew along the gathers to hold them (you can do this with a sewing machine if you have one, but it is not at all necessary. An ordinary needle should get through the gathered material quite easily). Make sure you sew about 3cm from the edge of the end, leaving yourself some material to fold over the hair combs or band that will hold the veil in the hair.

When you have done this, the material should already look like a veil – the gathers parted in half and nicely flat, ready to be fixed onto the hair combs or band.

Glue the material along the hair combs/band where your sewing line is, leaving some material to fold around and under. Then glue the edge onto the underside of the combs/band, creating a neat veil. Fix the material even more firmly by sewing the glued edge into the underside of the veil.

To make a tiara with a veil, repeat the first few steps but instead of gluing the veil over combs, glue it to the back side of the tiara (be careful that the edge can't be seen from the front).

Bonus tip: if you ever have trouble getting a sewing needle through material, rub it (flat first) in your hair. The natural oils in your hair will lubricate it without staining the material.

Should we all dress the same?

Dressing Up

Not everyone is a fan of dressing in theme for a party, and if you do decide on this option make sure you put it on the invite. Some people are too shy to appear in public in costume, and others have no idea how to find one. However, setting a theme or a required uniform for bachelorette parties is a good way of gathering everyone into a team from the beginning, and of making sure no-one gets lost as the night goes on.

Choose a theme that is easy to follow and provides some soft options for the shy members of the party. One example is angels or devils. Shy guests can go with a simple pair of horns or even a t-shirt with 'angel' written on it, while the wilder members of the party can choose to come wings, pitchfork and all!

Ideas for your theme or uniform:

- choose your bachelorette's favorite color, and require guests to dress only in that color

- a traffic light theme – those who are taken dress in red, those who are available dress in green, and those who are unsure dress in yellow!

- dress as the bachelorette's favorite sports team

- devils or angels

Whatever the theme, it is always a good idea to have some accessories that fit the theme available for any guest who may need it. This is a way to ensure that no guest has an opportunity of backing out of the fun!

What can we give our bride to wear?

Give Her A Veil

Giving your bachelorette a veil to wear for the night out is a sure-fire way to draw attention, and also make her feel special. Bars that see a lot of bachelorette parties will often gift the bride-to-be with free drinks or a special song to make her night special, and the veil is a silent introduction to strangers who might want to wish her well.

Veils are usually mounted on a hair band or a couple of combs. When buying the veil, think about the length of the bachelorette's hair and how firmly the veil needs to be attached. It's a good idea to take a few hairpins along for the night for on-the-run maintenance, as nothing is more annoying than a wobbly head piece when a girl wants to dance.

Are there any clothes we definitely shouldn't wear to the bachelorette party?

Practical Wear

As the organizer of the bachelorette party, you do have a responsibility for the guests at the party, as well as the responsibility that nothing ruins the bride's good time. It is a good idea to keep this in mind when deciding on the form of dress required for the party.

When planning a party that will be traveling to different parts of the city, it is a good idea to have something that will help you easily identify members of your party. This is especially a good idea when the guest list involves people from different areas of the bride's life who might not know each other. Whether this be dressing to a theme or wearing some form of bachelorette apparel, this can help you keep track of everyone as the night - and the alcohol - flows on.

What are the options for bachelorette party shirts?

Go Team! T-Shirts

A low-cost option for bachelorette party shirts is to ask each guest to supply you with a shirt to have your design printed. Many photo shops provide fabric printing options, meaning that your design can be handed over on a disk and come back to you as a finished, personalized shirt. This option also guarantees that your guests will attend the party – and has the advantage that everyone gets a shirt most suited to her style. Many bachelorette party suppliers provide bachelorette party shirts in a range of varieties, and this is a great time saver. Explore the options available. Most stores are aware that a basic t-shirt is not ideal wear for a girls' night out and have cute singlet tops that can be a regular addition to your wardrobe.

What do we wear at a bachelorette party?

What To Wear

One of the ways to make a bachelorette party fun, and to make it stand out from any other night out, is to organize a bachelorette uniform or some bachelorette apparel for the group. Having a bachelorette uniform for your party not only creates group unity but helps to prevent people from getting lost as the night goes on.

When planning the party, keep a look-out for cost-effective options for your bachelorette party uniform. Bachelorette party suppliers can provide you with bachelorette t-shirts, shirts, veils or sashes. Party devil horns, tiaras, halos, crows or hats are available from most shops that have a party section.

If cost is a concern, consider a simple theme for the party like a color. On the invitation, ask each guest to come dressed only in red, or your bachelorette's favorite color. Not only does this keep the cost of the party down, as the uniform comes from the guest's own wardrobe, but as it is a simple theme even shy guests won't mind dressing up.

What are the options for bachelorette tiaras?

Make Her Feel Like A Princess

There are many ways to distinguish the bride-to-be in your bachelorette group that can be a bit tacky. After all, not every girl is thrilled by the idea of being festooned with oily inflated condoms and penis toys. If your bachelorette cringes at such frat party-like stunts, consider giving her a tiara to mark her out as the bride in your group. Party tiaras are currently in fashion and available in a variety of places. If you're stuck, have a look in the toys section of any super-store and you are sure to find a toy tiara amongst the little girl princess section. Tiaras are usually made with hair combs attached, so there's no need to worry about sizes.

If you're looking for something a little less 'toy' like, explore your local jewelry stores. You might find that you can give your bachelorette a bachelorette tiara that not only makes her feel like a princess for her night of fun, but is a sweet addition to her jewelry collection.

What's an easy way to create a uniform for our bachelorette party?

Create That Team Spirit!

Identifying yourselves as part of a bachelorette party is part of the fun in celebrating a friend's last night of freedom, but it can be yet another annoying cost to take into account. There are plenty of ways to keep this cost down – the easiest being a simple tag like a bachelorette party sash. Slogans to use on the sash can be straightforward, such as "bachelorette party" or more team-building, like 'Team Bachelorette 2006!" Use a party catch phrase for some fun, eg. "Go Hard or Go Home!" or personalize the sashes with "Team Katy 2006" or "Katy's Getting Married!" (this can be matched with a simple sash for the bachelorette with just her name as an identifier).


Hang Ten at Your Bachelorette Event

If you're picking bachelorette party accessories, you might as well go all out! And, why not go Hawaiian? Buy a bunch of bachelorette leis, some flowers to perch in everyone's hair, and a whole lot of grass skirts. On your invites, encourage invitees to wear Hawaiian print blouses, bikinis, and flip flops. You'll have all of the guests looking and feeling like they just stepped into a hot vacation spot. So, you've decorated the guests, but what about the party scene? Line the yard with tiki torches, hang fish cut-outs on threads of fishing line, and serve all drinks in hollowed out coconuts. For entertainment, do the limbo and have hula-hooping contests. Your guests and the bride-to-be will be thrilled my your effort. *As this type of party is better served outdoors, it's best to only consider it for warmer seasons, preferably summer.

How can I plan a great camping bachelorette party?

Rekindle Your Youth While You Collect Kindling

Bachelorette parties can be a blast but seem a bit repetitive these days. Why not slip on your bachelorette accessories and set out for some "natural" fun? Pack up the tent and sleeping bags and plan an overnighter in the woods. Light a fire and tell ghost stories while you roast marshmallows and make s'mores, it'll be just like camp! The true point of a bachelorette party is for the bride to have some quality time with her favorite gals before her big day. By arranging a campout you'll eliminate all of the other distractions (except for those creepy noises in the dark). When picking bachelorette party accessories for the occassion, think cowboys and indians, or even girl scout uniforms. Rest assured that by morning the future bride will have completely caught up with everyone and have gotten to feel like a girl again before making her grown-up commitment.

Does the bride-to-be need a theme song?

Doesn't Everyone Deserve a Theme Song?

The future bride has slipped on her bachelorette sash and you're ready to take the party on the road. You stop for a minute, however, and can't help but think "what else can I do to really embarrass this girl?" Consider, my friend, the best accessory of all...a theme song. And, there's no better theme song than "here comes the bride." Buy an inexpensive wedding songs CD and a good number of batteries (you won't want to run out of power by the second bar) and break out that portable CD player you never thought you'd use again (or ask one of the attendees to bring one). Every time you enter a new place, the bride stands up, or the bride leaves or enters a room (including the rest room) play her theme song so everyone knows that it's her night.

How can I use old bridesmaid dresses again?

Break That Old Thing Out

It never fails, the wedding gods aren't smiling down on the bridesmaids (or the bride has an evil sense of humor). Whatever the reason, we all have one lurking in the back of our closets…the bridesmaid dress from hell! You'll never wear that thing again, or will you? A great twist to add to a bachelorette party is to ask all of the guests to wear an old bridesmaid dress. Screw the party tiara, what yells "bachelorette" louder than a hideous bridesmaid dress? You can skip over the annoying task of picking bachelorette party accessories because these are THE party accessory. I can guarantee that few things will turn more heads than a flock of ridiculously overdressed women. If you're still scarred from your last cameo in that thing have the party in the safety of someone's living room but at least order pizza so someone can have a good laugh. And, by the end of the event you'll probably feel pretty lucky about the dress that you ended up wearing in comparison.

How can I plan an attention getting bachelorette party?

We're Ready for Our Close-upů

When you're part of a bachelorette party you're essentially a star for the evening so you might as well dress the part. Before hitting the red carpet (or the bar room floors) get the leading lady and her supporting cast in wardrobe. The most important bachelorette party accessories to pull of this look are boas, party tiaras, and hot party glasses accented with feathers and phrases like party girl, rich bitch, and sex kitten. When you're all looking as sweet as cake don't you dare step out of the door and into your limo without adding some frosting. Make sure that every lady has on her jumbo, light-up diamond ring and make sure the bride has on her "1000 carat engagement ring" that would be the envy of Elizabeth Taylor (even though it's plastic it's sure to catch some eyes, especially from far away). Now, smile big and watch out for the paparazzi!

How can I dress the bride-to-be up in unique bachelorette accessories?

Giddy Up!

Are you thinking that one veil will be enough for your bride pal? Just because you're throwing a bachelorette party doesn't mean that you have to deck the bride-to-be out with stereotypical bachelorette accessories like the condom-covered veil coupled with a "last night out" shirt. Instead, try something more unique and stylish. If you're on the prowl, in the midst of picking bachelorette party accessories, try buying an inexpensive white cowboy hat and spicing it up with a pink band and some bells. Use a paint pen to write "bride-to-be" across the band. The fact that your friend is getting married will be clear but not overstated. If you want to complete the outfit have her wear a denim skirt and a gold star as well. And, if you want to get extra cute, let her carry around one of those horse heads on a stick.


Come as You Are...Or Who You Wish You Were...

Picking bachelorette party accessories for everyone can be tricky. Who are you to decide what the masses should wear (aside from the best bachelorette party planner in the world)? Most themes are a little outdone as well, so where do you start? Well, try thinking outside the box. Instead of deciding what everyone should be, let them dress as something they would never be. Throw an alter-ego party! Alter-ego parties are a blast because they let people dress up as someone that is the opposite of who they really are. Let the good girls be bad girls, the bad girls be good girls, let the modest be sheek and the ultra-hip be nerdy. And, of course, dress the lovely bride-to-be up as an old maid. *Alter-egos are sometimes hard to identify so make sure that everyone wears a name tag!

How can I plan a sporty bachelorette party?

Be Real Fans of the Bride

If the bride-to-be is more the type to wear a sports bra and some cleats than a party tiara and a frilly sash, don't try to turn her into something she's not. News flash: Sports-themed parties aren't just for men! If your gal pal would rather spend her girl bonding time in the bleachers than at a spa or out clubbing, make her happy. Buy group tickets to a minor league baseball game, an MLS soccer game, or even a college football game. And, when picking bachelorette party accessories, forget the stereotypical veil covered in condoms and attach this sporty girl's veil to the back of a baseball cap that says "Bachelorette" on it. If heading out to the games isn't an option, why not set up a special athletic day at a local park? Break out the gear and play mini team events and maybe even give out cheesy ribbons to the winners and an MVP award to the bride. At the end of the day your buddy will thank you for letting her be herself.

How can I make homemade bachelorette accessories?

Sew What?

If you like the idea of those bride-to-be t-shirts but are more of a do-it-yourselfer, have at it. Everyone knows that there's something a little more special about something homemade and the bride is sure to appreciate your time and effort. Try picking up a hot pink tank top and attaching tiny bows to it. Then, find some fun fabric (black and white patterns contrast nicely with pink) and cut out the letters B-R-I-D-E. Sew the letters to the shirt, add a party tiara, and you've got a smashingly trendy bride-to-be outfit. If you're not so handy with the sewing kit but still want to add a personal touch to that "final fling before the ring shirt" try fabric pens to add special messages.

How can I plan a great karaoke bachelorette party?

Heaven or Hell?

Bachelorettes can be naughty or nice, depending on the moment you catch them. Looks can be deceiving, however, so why not spell it out for the spectators? When purchasing bachelorette accessories stock up on halos and devil horns. And, on the night of the event, have each girl wear one or the other. Then, make "naughty" and "nice" name tags. Imagine the looks you'll receive when you're out at the clubs. Isn't it fun to be the center of attention? To catch even more eyes (and ears) hit up a karaoke bar and have the angels sing "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and the devils sing "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot." Wrap it all up with a group encore. Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely?" is an excellent choice and be sure to dedicate it to the bride-to-be who will, of course, get to hold the microphone.

What are the rules about who gets to wear a veil at a bachelorette party?

Veil Etiquette

When dressing up as a group for a bachelorette party, it is essential to distinguish the bride. After all, it is her last night of freedom before her special day. This doesn't mean, however, that the rest of the party can't wear a veil or tiara to join in the wedding fun.

Bachelorette party supply stores generally have a range of veils, t-shirts and tiaras available for the bridesmaids, maids-of-honor and other guests at the bachelorette's night out. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the bride-to-be has to stand out – whether it means choosing a different color for the guests' veils, or making sure the bride's is the biggest and most glitzy. It's important, when choosing different colors, to make sure the bride's color is the most appealing one: giving her a black veil when the rest of the party gets hot pink will end up with a very unhappy bride.

Some options include red for the bride and short white for the guests, red (bride) and black, hot pink and white, pink and blue or white and black. You can also try a long white veil with a tiara for the bride, and only tiaras for the guests, or supply guests with white stockings or garters.

Giving bridal wear to guests is a great way for everyone to participate, and it is understandable that everyone wants to join in the fun. But, as with all things to do with the wedding, the unspoken rule is to remember… she has to be the prettiest.

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