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Should I hire a stripper?

To Strip or Not To Strip

There have been many disagreements in recent years over whether a male stripper is a requirement of a bachelorette party. The idea comes from the tradition of bachelor parties and stag nights, where a female stripper is almost unavoidable. However, it is not every bride's idea of perfection.

It is best to check with the bride before hiring the stripper when planning a bachelorette party. Even if the bachelorette is keen on the idea, she might feel uncomfortable staring at a stranger's crotch in the company of a large group of her friends.

There are plenty of alternatives to strippers, many of them designed to help a woman access her own sensuality. Pole dancing classes are becoming increasingly popular as a party event. Check out salsa classes at your local dance studio, or consider having a lingerie selling party.

Look in your local directories for information on what is available in your area, or get online to chat with other bachelorette party organizers to see what they did.


Get on Board

A great way to get around on the night of your bachelorette party is to hire a van or bachelorette party bus to escort you around town. If there are just a few of you, a limousine service is a fantastic way to pamper yourselves. Call ahead to compare rates for the types of vehicles that will provide bachelorette party services, keeping in mind that the number in your party will determine how big a vehicle you'll need. Some bus companies even offer party tours (especially in larger cities), so be sure to ask. Also, see if there are discounted rates for large parties. You'll save on gas and have a lot more fun traveling together all night long!

Do I plan the music as well?

Party Songs and Music

A party needs to be planned carefully to make it a success – not that every plan needs to be kept to. Planning ahead allows you to cover any lulls in the energy at your bachelorette party, and having a careful stock of music is the easiest way to cope with these lulls.

Ask the bride for a list of songs that are special to her to find a bachelorette party song. Good songs for this are songs that the bride rocked down to in her teenage years, or songs that have a special meaning for the bride and some of her friends in the group. A good, hard sing-a-long to a favorite song can be just the thing to pick up the party spirit.

List at least 40 songs that fit in with the theme of the party, and make your own CDs. If you are holding the party at home, you will need 3 – 4 hours of music. If you are bar hopping for the night, make a CD or two for the party bus in-between bars.

How do I set a date for the bachelorette party but keep it secret from the bride?

Setting A Date Secretly

Setting a date for that surprise bachelorette bash is as simple as asking the bride's close friends, groom and mother to consult her schedule. These people can also be counted on to keep the bride occupied and unaware as preparations for the night are carried out.

Planning a girls night out is a complicated affair, so be sure to plot and scheme as much as possible. Try making plans with the bride yourself to ensure that she doesn't accidentally double-book herself or end up unavailable for the party night.

If you end up not being able to plan the party as a surprise, don't worry. Although most brides want to be surprised with the details of their big night out, wedding journalist Manolo writes that most brides want some say in the guest list and venue of their bachelorette party.

What's a really interesting party favor that is unique?

Make-Your-Own Album

A CD full of girls night out songs can be the perfect party favor to help guests remember your bachelorette party. Plan a song list as part of your party, but print out the list of songs in a CD cover format. When you burn a CD to play throughout the night, burn a CD for each guest that they can take home and keep.

Good choices for girls night out songs are the power ballads and pop hits of your and the bachelorette's teenage years. Look up the most popular songs from the year you were sixteen to trigger your memory.

What are some of the things I need to think about when planning a bachelorette party?

To Take Into Account

When planning a bachelorette party, there are a few things you should definitely keep in mind. It is best to keep your budget in mind when planning the party. Allow cost for postage and printing of invites, the cost of calls for RSVPs and other organizational calls, estimated taxi fares and an idea of the entry fees needed. Plan out what the cost per guest will be. Put some of the budget aside to cover the bride's food and drinks for the night as well.

Investigate the kind of costs hiring a bachelorette party bus and paying the entertainment (including the stripper's fee and any tips they might expect during their act), and include them in the budget.

Once you have planned, you need to decide who will pay for what. It is polite to give some warning of the costs expected if you wish guests to contribute.

What should I do for my friend's bachelorette party?

The Last Hoorah

Another one bites the dust. You're losing one of your girl pals to the married life and it's up to you to make sure that she has one last night of single bliss before slipping on that wedding band. Planning a bachelorette party is not something that should be taken lightly, make sure it's a night that she will remember forever.

When actually putting the bachelorette party together, keep the bride to be in mind. Is she a wild girl or a prim a proper lady? It's supposed to be a night dedicated to her so keep her likes and dislikes in mind or it could end up being a night she wants to forget (and not for the good reasons). If you plan an event that will make her uncomfortable or won't be exciting enough she's likely not to have a good time. Try to get hints way ahead of time on the kinds of things she's like to do. Ask plenty of questions about her interests and take notes.

Where do I look for help when planning a bachelorette party?

Where To Look

There are several resource books for bachelorette party planning (look in your local bookstore or order online), but you might not always want to purchase a book for what is likely to be a one-time event. There are other resources you can access just as easily. Contact your local tourism information center. Party tours will advertise in tourism information centers with special offers that you can take advantage of. Call bars on your list and see what they offer for groups, particularly bachelorette parties. Type 'bachelorette party' into your favorite internet search engine, but also try 'hen's night' to access British sites. Also try the term 'bridal shower' for ideas on traditional bachelorette nights. Finally, browse through the bridal magazines at your local book stores for tips on decorating and entertainments.

What are some original bachelorette party ideas?

Party Like You've Never Partied Before!

Bachelorette party ideas are a dime a dozen. You see it everyday, a large group of ladies all gussied up and out on the town, giggling like school girls. One of the best tips on planning a bachelorette party that you can get is to be original. Try throwing a theme party; have all of the girls dress up alike (cowgirls, go go dancers, movie stars, etc.).

Head to venues that you don't usually frequent. In other word, don't eat at the same restaurants or party it up in the same bars and clubs that you always go to. This is your gal pal's last night out as a single lady, don't make it the same old song and dance.

Do I only invite women to my bachelorette party?

Girls Only

Not all bachelorette parties have to be strictly a girls night out. Traditionally bachelorette parties and hen's nights involved only women, but this was because women did not tend to have close male friends as they do today. The groom is definitely not welcome at the bachelorette party, and if the bride begins to hint in this direction remind her that the party is for her to enjoy her friends. This goes doubly so for the groom's friends.

I'm being swamped- is it okay to ask for help planning the bachelorette party?

Ask For Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself swamped when planning a bachelorette party. The hierarchy of a wedding is there for a purpose – brides and grooms choose close friends to support them in this time of stress, and family members are drawn closer to help with that support structure. If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, remember that the other members of the wedding party can be called upon to handle some of the tasks involved in planning a bachelorette party, as well as the bride's mother, sisters or close friends.

Divide the tasks into easy-to-handle sections and hand off whole sections to helpers. Asking others for help in this way not only helps you, but makes other members of the party feel like they are contributing something special to the bride's big day.

Where do I go for ideas on party themes?

Party Theme Resources

Children's party cake books are a surprisingly good resource when you are looking for interesting ideas on bachelorette party themes. Because adults put way more creative effort into making kids' parties fun, children's party cakes tend to be inspired and inspiring. Find a cake you like, and use elements on it to guide your choice of party decorations, costume requests and even food ideas. You'll be surprised by the amount of inspiration one little cake can boost into your subconscious.

Who should I invite to a bachelorette party?

Don't Leave Anyone Out!

People get married everyday but it's not everyday that one of your best buds ties the knot! It's up to you to make sure she gets a proper dismissal from singlehood. First things first, make sure that you get all of her favorite gals together to celebrate. Make a guest list (don't forget her work buddies, her female relatives, and her fiance's female relatives).

When you send out those bachelorette party invitations you don't want to forget anyone important. Want to know one of the best tips on planning a bachelorette party? It's a great idea to call her mother or sister and confirm that you haven't left out any important invitees.

How can I organize a bachelorette party?

Run a Tight Ship

A bachelorette party is a big event and, if you're putting one together, it's important to be organized. One of the most helpful tips on planning a bachelorette party is to make a list of everything that needs to be done (the guest list, sending out invitations, getting supplies, making reservations, renting a limo, etc.).

It's smart to start your preparations weeks ahead of time to ensure that you have the time to pull everything together. Throwing a party together at the last minute can end up being sloppy and, well, a flop. Get on the horse early and maybe even think about getting some mutual friends to help out.

Should we have the bachelorette party the same night as the bachelor party?

Bachelor/ettes In Sync

Although the groom's plans should not really interfere when you're planning a bachelorette party, there are pros and cons in holding the bachelorette party the same night as the bachelor party.

One pro is that the bride is saved the upset of sitting at home all night when her groom is out on the town, imagining the scenarios he is getting up to. However, this is also a con, as the groom will be spared the worry of sitting at home, wondering what his future wife is getting up to!

Bachelorette and bachelor parties traditionally take place on different nights, to allow one future-spouse to help nurse the other's hangover. It is best to consult the bride and groom for their feelings on the issue before planning.

How should I start the bachelorette party?

Take it Down a Notch

So, you're in charge of the bachelorette party planning, what now? Do you want some tips on planning a bachelorette party? It's important to plan your evening out carefully. The majority of bachelorette parties end up out on the town and that's always great fun. Before letting loose and getting buck wild, however, start things out slowly.

To start your party off right, make reservations at a great restaurant or plan a dinner at someone's house before heading out to party. Have a nice meal and give everyone a chance to catch up and/or get to know one another before things get chaotic. This is also a great time to hand out party favors, and let the bride-to-be open her gifts. Everyone will have a clear view and no one will have to shout over loud music.

Do I have to have liquor at a bachelorette party?

Good Girls Have Fun Too

Just like your teachers and parents probably told you when you were growing up, you don't need drugs and booze to have a good time. A bachelorette party doesn't have to be a wild bachelorette party! Keep in mind that the most important reason for having the event is so that the bride-to-be can spend valuable time with all of the women that she loves.

Some of the best bachelorette parties can be ones where you just sit around and hang out. If the future bride isn't a party girl, consider throwing a slumber party, a tea party, or even a girls' night movie and gossip night. Good, innocent fun with the girls might be all your gal pal really wants...keep that in mind.

Should the bachelorette party be the night before the wedding?

A Hungover Bride Isn't a Pretty Picture

So, we all know that the bachelorette party is a the bride-to-be's last night to let loose. All of her closest female friends and relatives come together to make sure that her last night out as a single gal is memorable (or, ahem, not memorable). So, if you're planning on taking your girlfriend out for a late night of dancing, booze, and male strippers for her "last night" as a single girl, don't take it too literally.

One of the best tips on planning a bachelorette party (if not the best tip) is not to plan the party the night before the wedding! It is in the bride's best interest to show up to her wedding well rested and looking ravishing. If she's been partying all night the night before, she's going to look like she just stepped out of the grave. Don't do this to her! Throw the bachelorette party at least a week before the big day, the bride will thank you.

How do I plan an outdoor bachelorette party?

Wilderness Girls

Want to throw a wild bachelorette party? Instead of getting wild on the town, take the party to the wilderness. Round up the girls and plan a truly rugged event, a hike through the woods or mountains. There are hiking areas everywhere, even if you have to drive for a couple of hours.

Pack up your gear and hit the trails. It's a really good idea to pack a nice picnic lunch to enjoy midday. If you are truly the roughing it types, camping in the woods for the night could be great times. If traipsing through the wild for a day is all you can handle, however, book a hotel (or motel) in the area or possibly a charming bed and breakfast.

How should I handle bachelorette party transportation?

Steppin' Out in Style

Assemble the troops, it's time for a hardcore bachelorette party! Don't let your friend just fizzle out of the single life, send her out with a bang! If you're planning to go all out, however, be smart about it. One of the best tips on planning a bachelorette party is to take safety into consideration.

If you plan on drinking at your bachelorette party, make sure there will be enough designated drivers to get everyone home. If having sober drivers during/after the bachelorette party fun seems unlikely, arrange for transportation. It's a special occasion so why not rent a limo? Not only will you ladies have a chauffeur but you'll be riding around in style. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you'll get door to door service and won't have to worry about walking blocks or parking!

How should I pick a date for the bachelorette party?

Pick a Great Date

Before you can throw a killer bachelorette party you have to pick a date. This may seem like a simple enough task but, in fact, it be the most difficult part of the entire process (as well as the most important bachelorette party planning task). This party doesn't revolve around you, it revolves around the bride so making sure it fits well into her schedule should be a top priority. Talk with the bride-to-be and get a list of dates that work for her. Between fittings, interviewing bands and the like, her free time isn't going to be very expansive. Once you establish when the bride's available, find out who the most important people on the guest list are and talk to them as well. Then, come up with the best date to accomodate everyone. Once you score a good date, everything else should be a piece of cake.

Is rafting a good bachelorette party idea?

Hold on Tight!

Want to plan a truly original bachelorette party? When strippers and booze aren't you're idea of a memorable evening, consider doing something exciting and challenging instead. White water rafting can be a great bonding experience for the bride and all of her close friends and female relatives.

There are many rafting locations but consider a place that does all the work for you. All-Outdoors Rafting ( in Walnut Creek, California is one of these places. Once you make your reservation they will plan the event for you and even send out the invitations. On top of that, they offer meals, equipment, and shuttles and will give the bride a complimentary T-shirt and waterproof camera. If the Bay area in California is too far of a hike for you, surf the web for closer places and be sure to inquire about special packages for parties.

What are some unique bachelorette party ideas?

Plan an Event to Remember

Are all of the tips on planning a bachelorette party that you've been hearing sounding the same? That's probably because most bachelorette parties are the same. A bunch of girls get together to embarrass their girlfriend before her big day. There is usually heavy drinking, a limo, and, of course, male strippers. It may be a hoot and a holler that evening but what will the bride think about it when she looks back? Will she even remember?

The whole point of a bachelorette party is to bond with the bride-to-be before you kiss her goodbye, why not make the event memorable? Try something exciting instead. Plan an activity that the bride has never experienced and surprise her. Think sky diving, cliff diving, or parasailing. Not her bag? For a milder adventure plan a wonderful luncheon followed by a beautiful hot air balloon ride. Make it an occasion she'll never forget.

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