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What is a really different idea for a bachelorette invitation?

A Different Invitation

Want to put a humorous twist on the invites to your last girls night out party? Look for invitations in the grievances and condolences section of your local party supplies store or card shop. There's nothing that says irony like a somber grey invitation inviting friends to mourn with you your lost singledom. For a unique party theme, carry the idea through and ask guests to turn up in mourning clothes. Drink martinis and mourn the days of youth when you were young and free – all supremely tongue-in-cheek, of course!

What sort of personal touches can I put on the invitations?

Good Quotes for Bachelorette Invitations

Your bachelorette party is all about you leaving your single life behind to join with another human being. Your bachelorette invitation is a good opportunity to let your friends know your personal thoughts on this event, and this can be done no better than by putting a favorite quote on the invite as an opening message.

If you don't have a favorite quote, here are some handy and witty quotes to use on your bachelorette invitations:

'Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. (Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.)'

'Marriage is not a word; it is a sentence.'

'There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.'
Martin Luther

'A light heart lives long' – William Shakespeare

'Three things can't be hidden – coughing, poverty, and love' – Yiddish proverb

"It does not matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you do not do it in the street and frighten the horses." - Mrs. Patrick Campbell

' When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.' –Albert Einstein

What are some clever sayings to put on my bachelorete party invites?

Clever Sayings

Many bachelorette party invitations make use of a funny phrase or an opening joke to set the tone for the upcoming night of fun. If you are designing your own invites, it's a good idea to include this touch of humor. Here are some clever bachelorette party invitation sayings that we've come across:

'The last fling before the ring'

'It's time for girls to mix and mingle – these are my last days of being single!'

'Mr T says: I pity the fool who doesn't come to my bachelorette party!'

'If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?'

" I told someone I was getting married, and they said, 'Have you picked a date yet?' I said, 'Wow, you can bring a date to your own wedding?" What a country!" - Yakov Smirnoff

What are some low-cost ideas for creative invitations?

Creative Invites

Bachelorette party invites don't have to be professionally printed or bought from a store to be attractive. The main element to worry about is style – it is far better to print off your own invitations at home than to buy an expensive pad of invites that don't match your style. An easy, low-cost and creative bachelorette party invite idea is to buy some good quality white card, a few bachelorette or bridal trinkets (such as miniature horseshoes, bachelorette confetti or bachelorette party streamers) and a semi-transparent or watermarked piece of paper. Create a semi-3D bachelorette invitation by cutting the card into postcard-sized pieces and gluing the trinkets to the card (you can even include a small snippet of the material or lace of your planned wedding dress for a personal touch). Print the details of the party on the semi-transparent or watermarked paper in a smaller square, then cut and place artistically on the card. The overall effect should be of a seemingly random collection of objects sitting on the card, all adding up to your preparations for your wedding day.

What should I put on my bridal shower invitations to make them different to bachelorette party invites?

Bridal Shower Invites vs Bachelorette Invites

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. If you are holding a bridal shower, you are probably aware that it is an occasion that traditionally is for the bride's friends to give gifts to help the bride prepare for married life. It's a little less wild than a bachelorette party, and a little more formal. It can help indicate this to guests if you design your bridal shower invitations to suit the theme of your bridal shower. Keep the colors subtle (pastels are good), the text in a formal, flowing script, the wording a little formal and note an RSVP date. These subtle signals can let a guest know that they are likely to stand out if they bring along a two-foot long stuffed penis.

How do I make my own paper invitations?

Make Your Own Invitations

Making your own bachelorette party invitations is easier than it sounds. All you need is plenty of room, a big tub, and the willingness to put up with a bit of mess. Take a range of papers waiting to be recycled, and rip them up into small-ish pieces, around one inch square in shape. Place them in a large tub of hot water and let them soften, stirring gently. When the paper has absorbed some of the water, take a potato masher and mash the paper thoroughly (if you have a blender, use it). When the paper is thoroughly pulped, add any dyes, glitters or perfumes you would like to add. Choose bright colored dyes for paper you will only use as a background in the invitation (remember that dark red is difficult to read off). Take two old towels, and spoon a thin layer of paper on one of them in the rough shape and size you wan the invitation to be. If you want rough edges, be careful to spoon the paper in the size you want. If you plan on cutting the edges, make the paper about 2cm wider on each edge than you need. Make sure the paper has an even thickness. Place the second towel on top, pat down, then use a rolling pin to squeeze most of the water from the paper. Wait for the paper to dry. In the meantime, take some semi-transparent paper and use a computer to print up the wording of your invitation. When the home-made paper is dry, glue the transparent invite on one side with just a small dab of glue at each end.

Why should I bother with bachelorette party invitations?

Should I Bother?

A bachelorette party, being part of the formal process building up to a wedding, has a certain sense of formality despite the wild night of fun. It is not just another night out, and this needs to be signified when you send out your bachelorette invitations. Sending out a formal, printed invitation has the advantage of fixing the event in your guest's mind, meaning that not only are they more likely to accept the invitation, they will also remember the date and turn up on time.

Are there any things I should be aware of when ordering my bachelorette party invitations?

What To Watch For

There are plenty of dodgy stores online that will give you inferior quality girls night out invitations after promising the best. Although you can't guard against everything, there are some things to look for:
*if a company asks for your email before anything else, they are likely to sell it to marketers
*if a company promises unbelievably cheap printing, it's probably a good idea not to believe them
*if a company promises free goods or fails to mention a charge.

Watch out for companies that will provide free e-cards – you may be handing your friends' private email addresses over to a marketing list that will spam them. When searching for a printer, look for a company that advertises further afield than just bachelorette invitations.

What if I want to design my own?

Your Own Design

It is often difficult to match an invitation with your own personal style and the theme you have chosen for your party. If you want to design your own bachelorette party invites to give them your own creative flair, but still want them to be professionally printed, don't despair. There are many online companies that will print off small lots of invitations with your artwork for a small fee. Look online for the best offer near you. Simply type 'bachelorette party invites' into your favorite search engine. Be careful about choosing a printer (see the 'What To Watch For' tip) – most printers who advertise other types of invitation printing are generally the best way to go.

What are some clever bachelorette party invitation ideas?

Clever Ideas for Your Invitation

Some invitation printing companies go all out to create a whimsical invitation that delivers its information easily but cleverly. Ideas from some companies include an invitation made to look like a concert ticket, die-cut to appear like a champagne bottle or a car, caution signs and invitations featuring buff male bodies.

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